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Andrea Demirović teases details about her Montevizija entry

Will 'dark but dynamic' be the key to success?

A decade since her first Eurovision performance in Moscow, Andrea Demirović has just teased some information about her song ‘Ja sam ti san’.

Giving an interview to, she explains her initial surprise that the Montenegrin broadcaster selected her as one of the five songs for Montevizija 2019. Talking about the song itself, which roughly translates to ‘I am your dream’, she outlines:

I think this song is radically different from all the previous tracks that Montenegro has so far represented in Europe.

Although Montenegro has failed to make the final since 2015, Andrea cites her previous Eurovision experience as an added benefit to winning the ticket to Tel Aviv. She even goes so far to say she has an increased probability of qualifying to the final:

I think I would now have a much greater chance of going to the finals than in 2009 in Moscow. It is interesting that there are many cases where returnees have achieved good results, and fans of the competition love such stories.

Poli Genova and Carola certainly come to mind as examples to back this theory up!

Dream team and dynamic song

Interestingly, the singer revealed since her participation in 2009, she had been approached by a number of songwriters. Though she declined their offers, she had to accept ‘Ja sam ti san’:

For years, the songwriters around the Eurosong have offered me various collaborations. I only accepted this year, because it was actually a tender I could not refuse. Such a song appears once every ten years. The demo version was done by Primoz Poglajen, Adam Featherstone and Michael James Down, and for the final version of the song, another Englishman whose identity has been kept secret for now.

Regarding what we can expect from her song, Andrea added:

The song is dark but dynamic. I was singing it differently than I ever sang, and I want to present it in Montevizija with an unusual performance. I tried to write interesting and memorable lyrics. This time I will sing in our language, because I want the song to be preferred to people in Montenegro and the region.

Going by this description, the song sounds strikingly different to her Ralph Siegel-penned disco number. Some of the ESCXTRA team have just reviewed the song and performance in this weeks Throwback Thursday feature – take a look!

Frustratingly, Andrea and her dancer came 11th with a only a point to draw or two to come 10th! However, it should be noted that in 2009 the 10th qualifier was not determined by the scoreboard. Instead, the highest placed country ranked by the back-up jury that had not already qualified via the televote was chosen to go to Saturday’s final.

Montevizija 2019

Montevizija 2019, will take place on February 9. Five acts, including Andrea, will compete to represent Montenegro in Tel Aviv. Last month the Montenegrin broadcaster revealed the artists, songs and songwriting team behind all of the entries. The running order for the show is as follows:

  1. D-Moll – Ti
  2. Andrea Demirović – Ja sam ti san
  3. Monika Knezović – Nepogrješiva
  4. Ivana Popović-Martinović – Nevinost
  5. Nina Petković – Uzmi ili ostavi

The public will decide the winner of Montevizija 2019.

Are you looking forward to hearing Andrea’s entry? Do you think she has a stronger shot to qualify for the final given her experience in 2009? Let us know in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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