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Mikolas Josef wins OGAE Video Contest with “Me Gusta”

A close race until the end

We cannot properly start 2019 without wrapping up the 2018 OGAE contests, can we? Yesterday night, OGAE Belgium revealed the results in a scoreboard video, and the prize went to OGAE Czech Republic, for Mikolas Josef’s “Me Gusta”.

What is the Video Contest?

==> This is a short summary of the rules and criteria : for more details, don’t hesitate to read our previous article on the Contest <==

The OGAE Video Contest is the last of the four fan-contests organized by the OGAE each year. First held in 2003 by OGAE Turkey (and won by OGAE France, with Pascal Obispo’s Fan), it enables national clubs to compete over songs and especially over musical videoclips they select.

The 24 songs this year were announced on November 3rd and voting took place until November 23rd : OGAE members vote for their favorite videos (usually by giving their top 10 in the Eurovision way). As such, every club had a national Top 10 when the voting ended, and it’s this national top 10 that receives points, exactly like in Eurovision.

The results

The results were announced in a video, as usual, with different OGAE representatives/members or Eurovision personnalities announcing the points of each club (for example, JESC representative Angélina gave the points for OGAE France).

The close was very close : after 23 countries had given their results (among 24), the Top 3 saw the Czech Republic first with 120 points, followed by Poland (119p) and the United Kingdom (118p). However, the last club to give its points was the OGAE UK, meaning they could not win. Neither Poland nor the Czech Republic was announced before the last 12 points, which were awarded to Mikolas Josef, confirming the Czech victory.

The full results, with song and artists details (screenshot of the final scoreboard below):

  1. Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef – “Me Gusta” [132 points]
  2. Poland – Kasia Moś feat. Norma John | “Wild Eyes” [119 points]
  3. United Kingdom – Dua Lipa | “New Rules” [118 points]
  4. Germany – Johannes Oerding | “Kreise” [107 points]
  5. Italy – Fabrizio Moro | “La felicità” [100 points]
  6. France – Christophe Willem | “Marlon Brando” [98 points]
  7. Greece – Melani Makri | “Thirio” [90 points]
  8. Armenia – Iveta Mukuchyan | “Margo” [80 points]
  9. Moldova (OGAE Rest of the World) – Sunstroke Project | “Sun Gets Down” [75 points]
  10. FYR Macedonia – Bobi Andonov | “Apartment” [74 points]
  11. Australia – 5 Seconds Of Summer | “Youngblood” [62 points]
  12. Belgium – Oscar and the Wolf | “Runaway” [62 points]
  13. Ukraine – THE HARDKISS | “Melodija” [59 points]
  14. Turkey – Nil Karaibrahimgil | “İyi ki” [43 points]
  15. Portugal – David Fonseca | “Oh My Heart” [36 points]
  16. Sweden – Oscar Zia feat. Leslie Tay | “Kyss mig i slo-mo” [33 points]
  17. Serbia – Sara Jo | “Lava” [23 points]
  18. Russia – Filip Kirkorov | “Svet nastroenija sinij” [17 points]
  19. Bulgaria – Galena & Tsvetelina Yaneva | “Marrakesh” [17 points]
  20. Belarus  – Platon feat. Joolay | “Taking Me Higher” [14 points]
  21. Estonia – Lenna | “Kolm korda” [14 points]
  22. Croatia – Severina feat. Jala Brat | “M.A.G.I.J.A.” [9 points]
  23. Hungary – Juli Fabian & Zoohacker | “Jazz & Wine” [9 points]
  24. Malta – Maxine | “Earthquake” [9 points]
The final scoreboard

This is the first Czech victory in the contest, and in any OGAE contest! Congratulations to Mikolas Josef and OGAE Czech Republic!

Do you like “Me Gusta”? Who was or would have been your favorite? Tell us more in the comments below or on social media at @escxtra!

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