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UPD: Niall Horan rumoured as Ireland’s entrant for Eurovision 2019?

Update noon GMT on January 7, 2019: The Irish Mirror’s deputy editor has now denied the rumours reported below in a series of tweets. Our original story can be seen below.

A report has claimed that Ireland will send Niall Horan to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. In a since removed article on the Irish Mirror, the former One Direction star seems to be confirmed as RTÉ’s pick for Tel Aviv.

Article removed

Allegedly, an article was posted on the Irish Mirror website. In the article, several claims regarding Niall Horan’s Eurovision adventure were made. Soon after the story appeared on Irish Mirror, the newspaper apparently deleted the article again. Members of ESCNation have taken screenshots of the article, which you can see below. It seems the article was due to go up later today, as the timestamp suggests a time of 23:28 tonight. The screenshots below have been published by an ESCNation user under the name of “Jay”.

From One Direction to destination Tel Aviv

The news of a potential Eurovision participation from Niall Horan comes as a major surprise. The former One Direction star has started a successful solo career since the split of his group. In 2016 and 2017, he released three singles which scored well in the charts: “This Town”, “Slow Hands” and “Too Much To Ask”.

Last November, Niall Horan already cooperated with RTÉ on a special project with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. Together, they recorded Niall’s newest album “Flicker”. After releasing the album, the Irish singer announced he would take a small break from touring. Perhaps the Eurovision Song Contest fits in nicely?

The rumour of Niall Horan representing Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest comes at the same time as RTÉ’s decision to tweet about the past contest in Lisbon. In that tweet, they mentioned being proud. Is a new announcement imminent?

Stay tuned

If Irish Mirror were right, we should be getting more news about Niall Horan’s potential Eurovision adventure soon. We at will keep you updated with the latest information.

How would you feel if One Direction star Niall Horan would be the one to represent Ireland at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv? Let us know!

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Comments on UPD: Niall Horan rumoured as Ireland’s entrant for Eurovision 2019?

  • Kotik

    Not happening. Everyone knows sending accomplished, popular artists is against Western policy 😂

  • Ann

    Ireland would be the winner. Niall would kill everyone with his angelic voice

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