An Xtra Happy Birthday; Week 2!

Well, well well… this birthday week we are going to keep it coming. So starting with the first two day and then adding on has the week goes by. One of the first this week to have a birthday is Mariella Farré. She has taken part at Eurovision two times .

January 7th

Well it seems I was mistaken… Anna from Iceland has a birthday today not yesterday;) To be corrected:D In addition of two other Eurovision artists.

Mariella Farré, 56

On her second attempt at the national selection in Switzerland, Mariella won the selectiion in 1983. Therefore got to go to Munich with her song “Io cosí non ci sto“. This time she placed in 15th place out of 20.

Two years later she had two song in the pre-selection, one with the former Eurovision entrance Pio Gasparini. Their duet, “Piano,piano” won the right to go to Eurovision in Gothenburg, Sweden. This time she earned the 13th place out of 19 acts.

Anna Mjöll, 49

Iceland selected Anna to be their representative at Eurovision song contest in 1996. That is why, she went upon the stage in Oslo, Norway. Where she sang the song  the jazzy song “Sjúbídú”. At the final she got 51 points which was meant that she reached the 13th place!

Sirusho, 32

In 2007 Sirusho was the Eurovision spokesperson for Armenian. The following year, Armenia chose  her to represent the country in Belgrade, Serbia. She co-wrote the song  “Qelé, Qelé” with the Armenian producer H.A. Der-Hovagimian. The fresh, dancy song became quite the hit among the fans. As well as getting eight sets of 12 points at the final. Despite getting the most 12 points that year, she only got 151 points in the end, which secured her the 4th place.

In 2009 she made a song dedicated to peace with two other artist from Eurovision 2008, Jelena Tomasevic and Boaz Mauda. The song is called “Time to Pray“.

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