An Xtra Happy Birthday; Week 2!

January 10th

Like yesterday, this day has three Eurovision Ladies. However one of them is yet to perform at Eurovision.

Samira Said, 61

In 1980, Morocco selected Samira to represent them at Eurovision. She performed the song “Bitaqat Hub” which was a hit their. The song unfortunately ended second to last at the contest in The Hague.

Encarna Salazar, 58

Encarna represented Spain at the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb. She did so as half of the duo Azúcar Moreno. The other half of the duo was her sister, Toñi Salazar. From starting position one, they performed the very dramatic, flamenco influenced entry “Bandido”. When all the votes had been counted, they finished in fifth place, having received 96 points.

In addition to the wonderful song, the classy performance and the great result, they will also be remembered for the technical “scandal” that happened at the start of their performance. As you can see in the video below, there was a loooooong delay to the start of their backing track, which led to them missing their cue. They left the stage, and the whole thing had to start over again. Many singers would have become nervous after an incident like this, but not these two. They came back out and gave us possibly the fiercest performance in the history of Eurovision.

Tamta, 38

Tamta is the birthday girl of the day, that will take part at Eurovision in Tel Aiv on behalf of Cyprus. Like we saw last year, Cyprus is really longing for the win. And have now decided to work with the famous Greek-Georgian singer. The author of her song “Replay” is Alex P, but he also wrote of last years song, “Fuego”. Which is yet be announced. I am personally quite interested to here it because I used to listen a lot to one of Tamta’s song “Egoista” while back.

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