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The logo for Eurovision 2019 revealed

We have a logo! No, we are not talking about the TV network, though we hope they are still on board (hello 2018) as well. What we ARE excited about right now is the official logo for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

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Last October we found out the official slogan for this year’s contest.  Now we finally have the logo to go along with it:

Wondering what that would look like in motion? Well here is the answer:

OOOOH shiny!

There it is in all its shiny neon glory, depicting three triangles that come together to form one golden star (Hovi would be proud)! The main inspiration comes from this year’s stage design, which aims to use triangular shapes as much as possible. All of this ties in nicely with the overall theme of this year’s contest: Dare to dream. Israeli Host Broadcaster KAN explained the thought process further:

The triangle, one of the world’s oldest shapes, is a cornerstone symbol found universally in art, music, cosmology and nature, representing connection and creativity. As the triangles join and combine, they become a new single entity reflecting the infinite stellar sky, as the stars of the future come together in Tel Aviv for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

With the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest,
Jon Ola Sand, adding the following:

We are delighted with the logo accompanying KAN’s slogan for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest – Dare to Dream – which perfectly complements the fantastic angular stage design created by Florian Wieder. We hope the creative theme for this year’s competition inspires the 42 contestants coming together in Tel Aviv in May, as they dream of becoming the stars of the future

Reaching for the stars !

You will have plenty of time to see the logo and all of its variations once the contest begins in May. With 42 (we still miss you, Bulgaria) participating countries, the entire thing kicks off with the first semi-final on the 14th of May. The second semi-final fill shortly follow on the 16th and it all comes to an exciting conclusion with the grand final taking place on the 18th.

What do you think about the new logo? How does it compare to previous years? Can you hardly wait to see all of this printed on a mug and some mesh bags? 

 Give us your opinion in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA

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