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Finland: Robin rumoured to represent the country in Eurovision 2019

He worked with Softengine in the past

After Finland’s broadcaster Yle announced that they will reveal Finland’s representative on January 29th, the Finnish Eurovision fans have been busy investigating, who might sing for the country in 2019. Right now there some potential evidence that Robin might be the chosen artist.

Songs with international songwriters

Robin announced that he will take a break from music in August 2017. His latest single “Me tehtiin tää” was released shortly after the announcement. During his break Robin graduated and did his military service, which he finished before Christmas.

Now some fans on the Finnish Eurovision forum Viisukuppila found out that after that, two English songs with Robin’s name have been registered to the database of Finnish performance rights organization Teosto.

One of the songs is called “Hiding” and it’s written by Los Angeles based writer collective Kepler together with Robin himself. However, recently they announced that the writers collective, consisting of Andrew Holyfield, Christopher Holyfield, Jason Housman and Ryuichi Flores, will be going separate ways to focus on their individual careers as producers and writers. It’s still possible that they have worked together on this song even after the separation.

Another song called “Game Changer” is written by Danielle Senior, London-based songwriter.

It’s possible that Robin has written these songs together with the international songwriters, but didn’t have use for them. So far Robin has only recorded songs in Finnish, but maybe after his break he is aiming for the bigger, international markets.

Who is Robin?

Robin Packalen was born in 1998 and had his first big hit “Frontside Ollie” in 2012. Since then he has released six studio albums. In 2015 he worked with Finland’s Eurovision 2014 representative Softengine on “Salamatie”.

Currently Robin’s manager is Samu Haber, the front man of the band Sunrise Avenue. Sunrise Avenue has had a lot of success in central Europe and Samu has been a judge in The Voice of Germany.

In 2017 Samu told that they already have plans for Robin for years to come. He mentioned that at some point Robin might heading abroad.

In 2016 Robin also performed at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016. He sang a part of Finland’s Eurovision 1980 entry “Huilumies” and his own song “Miten eskimot suutelee”.

First music video on February 8th?

The Finnish detectives also found out that on February 8th, the first music video of UMK 2019 will be shown on Yle’s channels.

This suggests that the songs will be released in similar way as with Saara Aalto’s three songs in 2018, on three Fridays before the big final.

Finland will choose their Eurovision 2019 entry on March 2nd. Finland’s representative will be revealed on January 29th at 12 CET in a press conference live from Helsinki.

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  • Aarof

    If Robin had represented Finland with BOOM KAH Finland would have won.

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