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Are Next Time hinting their Eurovision comeback for FYR Macedonia in 2019?

Ten years since their first attempt

The popular pop rock duo, Next Time, are discretely sharing some interesting snippets via social media hinting that they might just be FYR Macedonia’s 2019 Eurovision representatives in Tel Aviv.

Return on the cards?

Granted, their previous Eurovision experience might have finished with a non qualification, however that has not stopped Stefan and Martin from creating new music and becoming a local success.

Recently, they have been trying to take their music career in a different direction. They managed to gain momentum in their native country and in the region by covering traditional music and giving it their own touch. One of their latest hits include a rather cinematic take of a traditional song titled “Slusam Kaj Shumat Shumite” which you can listen to below.

Hints, hints, hints

Taking on social media and having a closer look into their personal and professional lives, Stefan and Martin accidentally (or not) gave their fans a little heads-up about their possible return to the contest.

In an Instagram story, the vocalist of the duo, Stefan, put out a recording of his brother, Martin, hitting the treadmill with the caption “Preparing for Eurovision”, which you can see below.

The broadcaster, MKRTV, has so far remained silent about their plans for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. It is expected that they will once again choose their entry internally, like they’ve done since 2016.

Taken from Stefan’s personal Instagram profile

Next Time’s first Eurovision experience

Stefan and Martin are no strangers to the Eurovision community and stage. Despite being the second Macedonian act in a row to fail and qualify for the final. However, they did manage to somewhat impress the viewers at home.

“Neshto Sto Ke Ostane” finished in tenth in its semifinal in Moscow. Due to a rule in place in 2008 and 2009, the jury were however entitled to pick their tenth qualifier. Those juries opted to send Finland’s Waldo’s People through instead of the energetic Macedonian duo.

Could Next Time take the small Balkan nation back to the finals? Would you like to see them return to the contest? What do you think of their first Eurovision attempt? Would you like to see them return to their original sound or take on a more traditional approach if they were to come back? What is your favorite Macedonian Eurovison entry yet?

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