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Hungary choose their first six A Dal semifinalists

Hungary kicked off their national final tonight with the first heat of A Dal. Ten acts took to the stage to fight for six tickets to the semifinals. The six qualifiers have something in common, as you can read below…

Hungarian first

Seven of the songs taking part tonight were in Hungarian. Just three of the acts opted to sing in English instead. Looking at the final scoreboard, it seems the juries and app voters surely weren’t fans of those English entries. Rozina Pátkai, László Varay and Barni Hamar finished at the bottom of the pile.

The entire top seven therefore consisted of songs in Hungary’s native language. Five songs made it through on jury and app vote merit. The sixth contestant was eventually saved by the televoters.

Gergő three times

Not only were all songs qualifying for the semifinal of A Dal in Hungarian, there was another interesting fact. The top three songs were all sung by a singer named Gergő. Gergő Szekér and Gergő Oláh tied in first place, both scoring 41 points of a possible 50.

Third place went to Gergő Demko & Timi Antal. Their “Kedves Világ!” was the only song to score a perfect 10 tonight. Feró Nagy loved their performance so much that he awarded them the highest possible score. The finished in third with 39 points.

The final two jury qualifiers were Konyha and Nomad. Televoters decided to save Deniz, who scored a 9 from the app vote and also emerged victorious on the saving vote.

One of the favourites to qualify was an experienced A Dal entrant. Olivér Berkes has done well on his previous participations, but couldn’t manage to convince the jury enough. His “Világítótorony” finished in sixth, but lost out to Deniz in the televoting round.

The qualifiers

Below you can find the list of the six qualifiers. The amount of points they scored is in brackets behind the song title.

  • Gergő Szekér – Madár, Repülj! (41)
  • Gergő Oláh – Hozzád Bújnék (41)
  • Timi Antal ft. Gergő Demko – Kedves Világ! (39)
  • Konyha – Szászor Visszajátszott (38)
  • Nomad – A Remény Hídjai (35)
  • Deniz – Ide Várnak Vissza (35 – Televote qualifier)

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