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Silvàn Areg forced to change the song title of “Le Petit Nicolas”

One of the finalists of France’s Destination Eurovision has had to change the title of his song. Silvàn Areg will no longer sing “Le Petit Nicolas”. Instead, the title will now be “Allez Leur Dire”.

Copyright issues

The song Silvàn Areg performed was named after a series of French children’s books, also called “Le Petit Nicolas”. The first edition of it came out in the late 1950s with René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé as creative masterminds behind the books.

Silvàn took to Facebook to explain why he had to change his title. It seems the owners of the rights to the name “Le Petit Nicolas” weren’t happy with his title. He states:

The song is now called “Allez Leur Dire” after the rightful owners [heirs of] Mr. Goscinny and Mr. Sempé misinterpreted our little well meant and affectionate wink, which we tried to make.

Silvàn Areg on Facebook

Go tell them you’re in the final!

Next Saturday France will be choosing their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. Eights acts have qualified for the Grand Final, one of which is Silvàn Areg.

He wasn’t exactly a frontrunner when the semifinal started last week, but with a cleverly staged performance, Silvàn won the hearts of many people, but mostly the international juries. They ranked him second, behind hot favourite Bilal Hassani and his “Roi”.

Can Silvàn Areg win Destination Eurovision with “Allez Leur Dire”? Let us know what you think!

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