Throwback Thursday: Do I recognize myself?

Let's go back to one of Luxembourg's wins in the 70's

I have one thing to say before I start this throwback…… Luxembourg    we really miss you and we hope you return to the contest soon.  Sincerely Yours, the whole Eurovision Fandom!!!!!

Anne-Marie David - Tu te reconnaîtras (Eurovision Song Contest 1973)Anne-Marie David – Tu te reconnaîtras (Eurovision Song Contest 1973)

When it comes to Luxembourg, there is only one entry that definitely  comes to mind, and she’s not even from Luxembourg, she’s from  France!!, but regardless it is my favourite entry from the country.

Anne-Marie shows such passion and conviction when she performed her Tu Te Reconnaitras that one night in 1973. Out of the entries from Luxembourg, she is definitely the one that stands out to me and will always be celebrated.

Like her song says (translated):

You’ll see, you’ll recognize yourself At every moment in every joy, in every tear….

What do the others think?


Miss Anne-Marie really snapped, didn’t she? I am admittedly not the biggest fan of the pre-90s contests, but there are a number of…um…older entries that I happily return to. “Tu te reconnaîtras” is most certainly one of those. What is most striking to me about the 1973 winning entry is not the swooning melody, Anne-Marie’s…interesting styling choices, nor her exceptional vocal performance; upon every re-watch, I am taken by the sincerity with which she performs. It’s rare to see an entrant in the early 70s connect to the camera to this extent, but Anne-Marie can barely keep her eyes away from us! Knowing the meaning of the song, the optics of the performance make it all-the-more effective. She also looks like she’s having a great time, which is always a bonus!


Ah, what a song! I think it is one of the few Eurovision winners my mother knew, along with Italy 1990, before I became a Eurovision fan. I can only praise the music and the sincerity of Anne-Marie David, but there is also something that I like in the lyrics : their timelessness (and it’s not a love song per se). I feel that this song has always been relevant and is even more relevant now : it speaks of how you can recognize yourself in anyone. What I like is not exactly the whole “we’re all the same” message, but more the message that in every person you see in your life, there is a life full of stories, a narrative which you can more or less relate to, but something always worth telling. Nobody is “no-one”, and it is even truer in our modern, globalized and individualistic world where more and more people have much more to tell, to live and to experience.

As for Luxembourg itself at Eurovision, I guess my two favorites entries are this one and the 1961 winner, Jean-Claude Pascal, and his song “Nous les amoureux”. I especially like his voice in this song and performance, and of course, how he and his team wanted to spread a little message off the radar. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it a few months ago in a French TV serie taking place in the 1960’s (Au Service de la France), and to sing along.


Tu Te Reconnaitras is a classic. And for good reason. Anne Marie David is an amazing vocalist and the song is a solid composition. There isn’t much to say about the song that hasn’t been said. However, I’ll admit, I think the song doesn’t have the replay ability that other songs in 1973 had or that her 1979 entry “Je Suis L’enfant Soleil” has. Choosing this as the winner was a pretty safe choice to me, but that’s because of how accessible the song was to everyone. I don’t know anyone who outright detests this song because it’s objectively a solid Eurovision winner.


Can my comment just be “Iconic”?!

I mean it’s an objectively brilliant song from the lyrics to the singer to the impact that it’s had and continues to have. It’s one of the songs that, to many define Eurovision. It’s one of THOSE songs (like ABBA or Loreen) a song that is now in the elite tier.

The Viennese Waltz arrangement gives it that uplifting whimsical nature that you can’t help hum along and sway to it.

What do you think of ‘Tu te reconnaîtras’? Do you think Luxembourg should return to the  contest soon? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.
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