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UPDATE: Welcome North Macedonia! Greek MPs finalise name change deal

FYR Macedonia and Greece call it truce on the 27 year old ongoing name dispute. Both sides have come to an agreement and we can say goodbye FYR and hello to the Republic of North Macedonia.

After a long and thorough diplomatic process, both sides have come to an agreement to the name Republic of North Macedonia or Severna Makedonija, in Macedonian. However, despite the what it seems an obvious sign of relief for both sides, the name resolution still has to be approved by the Macedonian people and the Greek parliament. That challenge will still be a mountain to climb, as Greek Prime Minister Tsipras has not yet secured any support in parliament.


Under the newly achieved agreement, the country that has been known as the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia will be named North Macedonia. The citizens of the country will get to keep the term Macedonian as well as the official spoken language. Both countries agreed that the new name would be used both internationally and bilaterally. So even the countries that have recognized the small Balkan country as Macedonia will have to adapt the new name. Additionally, countries will be able to use both the English or the Slavic version of the name.

Update: 25 January 2019

After gaining the support needed in Macedonian parliament earlier this month, Greek MPs today passed the new legislation. Therefore, Macedonia will now be known as the Republic of North Macedonia!

We will update this story with more information as it breaks.

Macedonia at Eurovision

The small Balkan country started its Eurovision journey in 1998 with Vlado Janevski’s “Ne Zori, Zoro”, finishing 19th. Some of the more significant entries include “Life” by the late Tose Proeski, Elena’s “Ninanajna” and Kaliopi’s “Crno i Belo“. This year, Eye Cue failed to reach the final with their “Lost and Found” despite being a fan favourite. Finishing 18th out of 19 competing songs in the first semi final. The entrants did however win the infamous Barbara Dex Award for their outfits.

Are you happy both sides have resolved the issue? Will you need to adapt to the new name North Macedonia?

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  • cons

    The Prespes agreement is fair. It’s the only agreement the Macedonians will ever get. Macedonian people, Macedonian language, an acceptable history, North Macedonia.
    Why doesn’t Tsipras show his good will, and give the Macedonian minority in northern Greece, full rights.

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