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Eva Simons says “Yes” to the Eurovision Song Contest… for 2020

Before The Netherlands announced Duncan Laurence as their act for the Tel Aviv contest, media were swirling over their pick for this year. One of the mentioned names was Eva Simons. The singer has now said she’d love to represent her country.

“They never called me”

The singer was a guest at RTL Late Night met Twan Huys yesterday evening to discuss her new single “Like That”. During the interview, host Twan Huys decided to ask Eva about the rumours that arose last week. She said that she had no idea what was going on, but appreciated the love she received from Twitter followers.

She went on to add that she would have loved to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision. Broadcaster AVROTROS never reached out to the singer. A potential reason for that is that they were accepting singers’ proposals more than actively reaching out to big names. She actually had a couple of songs ready. She says:

I had a couple of big tunes, you know. Ones I could send in. My own pride prevented me from sending them in. Or maybe I was just afraid to be turned down. One of the songs I had ready is “Baila Baila”. I’m still going to release that!

Eva Simons during RTL Late Night met Twan Huys

Ready for 2020

After listening to a clip of “Baila Baila“, Eva Simons had to answer some questions about why she didn’t put herself forward. She always thought the broadcaster only approached acts. In hindsight, Eva regret not being more proactive and feels she should have actually put her name forward.

For 2020, Eva at first didn’t want to say too much about a potential participation. However, she soon added that she would definitely open talks with AVROTROS regarding the chance to represent The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Eva Simons rose to world fame a couple of years ago when she scored a major hit with “This Is Love” together with Her latest release is “Like That”, which you can find below.

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