Tel Aviv 2019

Six more acts qualify for the A Dal semifinals

The field of semifinalists for A Dal 2019 is getting more complete by the week. After last week’s heat, six acts already made it through to the semis. Tonight, another six joined them.

Higher scores than last week

Last week’s contestants scored a maximum of 41 points. Fatal Error managed to score 45 points tonight with their song “Kulcs”. Second place went to Acoustic Planet and their “Nyári Zápor”, scoring 43.

The remaining qualifiers contained a former Eurovision entrant: András Kállay-Saunders. Hungary’s 2014 entrant has often returned to A Dal and does the same this year with his new duo The Middletonz and “Roses”, scoring 41 points. Bence Vavra and The Sign were the other two jury qualifiers.

The ranking: yesyes saved

Hot favourites for victory were yesyes. The duo, with singer Ádám Szabó, delivered a remarkable performance of “Incomplete”. Some vocal issues however caused the juries to mark them down considerably. Televote however decided to save them and put them through to the semis.

Remarkably, ten of the twelve current qualifiers are in Hungarian. Only yesyes and The Middletonz bring us songs in English,

  1. Fatal Error – Kulcs: 45
  2. Acoustic Planet – Nyári Zápor: 43
  3. The Middletonz – Roses: 41
  4. Vavra Bence – Szótlanság: 39
  5. The Sign – Ő: 38
  6. yesyes – Incomplete: 35 (Televote qualifier)
  7. Diana – Little Bird: 34
  8. Heatlie Dávid – La Mama Hotel: 34
  9. Hajdu Klára – You’re Gonna Rise: 32
  10. Gotthy – Csak 1 Perc: 26

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