Poll: Who is your favourite act in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 so far?

The national final season is in full swing. Last night, France picked their act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. They join Spain and Albania. Time for the first poll! Who is your favourite act at so far?

Who do you like best?

The season kicked off in December, when Albania hosted its traditional Festivali i Këngës in Tirana. Jonida Maliqi emerged victorious with her “Ktheju Tokës”. The song is there to speak to the hearts of all Albanian immigrants around the world, Maliqi said.

Secondly, we got Spain’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Miki, participant in Operación Triunfo, won the competition. His victory was a minor surprise, but his “La Venda” scored 34% of the vote: A resounding victory.

Finally, France were the third to choose. After finishing just fifth with the international juries, Bilal Hassani sure convinced the French televoters. With nearly 36% of the vote, he picked up 150 of a total of 420 possible points. “Roi”, a song penned by Madame Monsieur, will now go on to represent France in May.

Below, you can vote for your favorite of the three acts. Is it Jonida, Miki or Bilal? Vote below and make sure you share who you voted for!

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Here’s a playlist you can watch with all entries so far!

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