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Serhat’s song to be “full of energy” for Eurovision 2019

Perhaps Serhat is bringing even more disco to the contest...

To quote his 2016 entry, we didn’t know that San Marino were going to announce Serhat as their representative again. However, the Turkish singer has been promoting in Istanbul lately, and the hype is well and truly real.

A milestone for the microstate

2019 marks San Marino’s 10th participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The only time they have qualified to date is in 2014, with Eurovision veteran Valentina Monetta’s entry “Maybe”. This will be Serhat’s second time representing San Marino. His first attempt was back in 2016 with “I Didn’t Know”. He finished 12th in the semi final with 68 points.

An honour to return to Eurovision

Speaking to the media, Serhat stated that it is “a great honour” for him to return to the Eurovision stage. In addition, he went on to say that his 2016 participation was one of the best memories of his life. Serhat praised the San Marino team and how a strong friendship formed between them 3 years ago as a result.

This year, Serhat has promised that his song will be “full of energy”. Moreover, the message of the song has been described as “an embrace open to the world, to people and beyond every boundary”.

The importance of Eurovision to San Marino

Also speaking to the media was Carlo Romeo, the General Director of San Marino RTV. Romeo emphasised on how important Eurovision is to himself and the whole nation.

“The Republic of San Marino, despite its small territory, is standing strong and we are still among the Eurovision competitors. It is our 10th participating year, a round number, so we have evaluated our Eurovision entries thoroughly. We realised that we try hard thus deserve an equal treatment. So this year, we ‘press the button of the new decade’ and we participate with a very talented singer, who we really believe in, and with a good song.

As I said, Serhat has a particular emotional tie with San Marino. He is also a citizen of the world, and binding Istanbul, London and Paris to San Marino, is an additional value for a small reality as ours.

Tel Aviv as a location, in a country which has always been friend to, points out the importance of the public broadcasters in the intercultural Dialogue for the culture of Peace”

Carlo Romeo

There is speculation that San Marino will reveal their entry towards the end of February. However, SMRTV has not given any further details as of yet.

What do you expect from Serhat’s song? Are you looking forward to hearing it? Let us know in the comments or via social media @ESCXTRA!

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