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Mélovin to perform as an interval act for Vidbir 2019

Mélovin also mentioned his favourite act from this year

According to a recent interview with STB, Mélovin has confirmed that he will be indeed performing as an interval act in Vidbir 2019. During this interview, he was asked about how he feels returning to Vidbir and who he is rooting for. 

Mélovin will be performing his new track ‘З тобою, зі мною, і годі’ (With You, With Me, Not). You can watch its official music video below:

‘For me, everything is a stage’

When asked about returning to the Vidbir stage, Mélovin mentioned how happy he is to just perform for a live audience once again:

For me, everything is a stage. Not the Eurovision stage, the National selection, but just the stage.  Here I can perform, show my song, delight the audience, perhaps even those who have never seen me

Mélovin on performing on the Eurovision stage

Mélovin speaks about the Vidbir 2019 participants

During his interview, Mélovin was also asked about who he thinks will win Vidbir, to which he mentions that he does have a favourite:

I don’t even know, I haven’t watched anyone yet. I know that there will be KAZKA, and I will be rooting for them this year

Mélovin on who he thinks should win Vidbir this year

Following this, Mélovin was asked if he is worried about their vocals on the night of the competition.

KAZKA’s last performances were incredibly cool.  I know that she was perfecting her vocals, it’s cool that a person works on herself. 
It is very interesting what will be on the show.

Mélovin when asked about KAZKA’s vocals

Mélovin was also asked about his thoughts on MARUV replacing TAYANNA in the competition.

I do not really see MARUV on the Eurovision scene. Because there are very few vocals, this is more a project for which you want to have a good time somewhere in the club, at a party.

Mélovin on MARUV’s participation at Vidbir 2019

Mélovin’s journey to Eurovision

Mélovin was first known for winning the Ukrainian version of X Factor in 2015. He won the Ukrainian national selection ‘Vidbir 2018’ with his song “Under the Ladder”, competing against 5 other acts in the final. He had previously entered the competition in 2017, but came 3rd behind O.Torvald and Tayanna. At Eurovision, he placed 17th in the Grand Final of this year’s contest in Lisbon, Portugal. Only 11 points came from the jury vote, with the televote ranking Ukraine 7th, awarding him 119 points.

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MELOVIN performing his Eurovision entry ‘Under the Ladder’
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