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A Dal semifinal line-up complete with six more qualifiers

Hungary have found their eighteen semifinalists for A Dal 2019. In the third heat, another six acts managed to qualify. Among them was 2017 Eurovision Song Contest entrant Joci Pápai, who once again managed to impress, this time with his “Az Én Apám”.

Surprises galore

Joci Pápai did well again, scoring 41 points out of a possible 50. He is considered one of the frontrunners for the victory yet again, but tonight he had to share his victory with Bogi Nagy, who also scored 41 points.

It was a rather surprising night altogether, as two of Hungary’s favourites didn’t manage to convince the jury enough to book their place directly. Both Leander Kills and USNK failed to qualify directly. The ByeAlex penned entry “Posztolj” is hugely popular on YouTube in Hungary, but received vast criticism from the juries, ending up only just above last place with just 35 points.

The jury criticism didn’t bother USNK’s result all too much. In the end, the televoting saved them as their wildcard pick for the final, thus eliminating Leander Kills, Salvus, Monyo Project and Kyra.

Below you can see the list with tonight’s result. The top five qualified through the jury vote and are in bold. The televote qualifier is in italics.

  1. Joci Pápai – Az Én Apám: 41
  2. Bogi Nagy – Holnap: 41
  3. Petruska – Help Me Out Of Here: 40
  4. Ruby Harlem – Forró: 40
  5. Mocsok 1 Kölykök – Egyszer: 39
  6. Leander Kills – Hazavágyom: 38
  7. Salvus – Barát: 36
  8. Monyo Project – Run Baby Run: 35
  9. USNK – Posztolj: 35 (Televote qualifier)
  10. Kyra – Maradj Még: 28

The final eighteen

Over the next two weeks, Hungary’s MTVA will hold two semifinals, each with nine acts. All qualifiers are listed below. They are ranked by their amount of points in the heats. You can see those results here and here.

  1. Fatal Error – Kulcs: 45
  2. Acoustic Planet – Nyári Zápor: 43
  3. Joci Pápai – Az Én Apám: 41
  4. Bogi Nagy – Holnap: 41
  5. The Middletonz – Roses: 41
  6. Gergő Szekér – Madár, Repülj!: 41
  7. Gergő Oláh – Hozzád Bújnék: 41
  8. Petruska – Help Me Out Of Here: 40
  9. Ruby Harlem – Forró: 40
  10. Vavra Bence – Szótlanság: 39
  11. Timi Antal ft. Gergő Demko – Kedves Világ!: 39
  12. Mocsok 1 Kölykök – Egyszer: 39
  13. The Sign – Ő: 38
  14. Konyha – Szászor Visszajátszott: 38
  15. Nomad – A Remény Hídjai: 35
  16. yesyes – Incomplete: 35
  17. Deniz – Ide Várnak Vissza: 35
  18. USNK – Posztolj: 35

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