Tel Aviv 2019

Georgian Idol down to seven candidates after Dima Kobeshavidze is eliminated

Just seven remain in the running to represent Georgia at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight’s second liveshow saw the elimination of Dima Kobeshavidze, a two time X Factor contestant in Georgia.

Bottom Two with Ikako

Ikako Aleksidze, sometimes also referred to as Ikko, had to fight Dima Kobeshavidze for the last spot to qualify for the next show of Georgian Idol. At the end of voting, it turned out that Dima Kobeshavidze had received the least amount of votes. That means that he has to leave the show.

Dima is no stranger to Georgian television. Twice before he took part at the Georgian version of X Factor. In 2017 he tried to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest, but didn’t manage more than fourteenth in the national final with “Scream”, losing out to Tamara Gachechiladze.

Seven remain

The final of Georgian Idol is set for 2nd March. Seven acts are still hoping to appear that. Tonight, it seemed Oto Nemsadze received the most support from the audience. Last week, that honour went to sixteen year old Tamar Lachkepiani. During that same show, former Junior Eurovision entrant Mariam Kakhelishvili was eliminated. Georgia have also closed the submission window for songs that may represent them in Tel Aviv in May.

The seven acts still in contention to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest are below.

  • Oto Nemsadze
  • Tamar Lachkepiani
  • Ikako Aleksidze
  • Liza Kalandadze
  • Giorgi Nakashidze
  • Giorgi Pruidze
  • Nini Tsnobiladze

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