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Withdrawals cause changes in Croatia’s Dora 2019 line-up

A backup for the backup!

Croatia’s National Broadcaster, HRT, has revealed that due to a few acts pulling out of their quest to find the next representative of the country at Eurovision, Dora’s 2019 line-up will suffer a few changes.

As previously reported, 4 Tenora withdrew their song “Brod bez imena” from the competition due to a previous commitment. They were supposed to be replaced by Tonka and “Don’t say you love me”, however Tonka decided not to enter the competition so the final spot in the line-up went to Kim Verson and “Nisam To Sto Zele”.

A backup for the backup!

The concept of the selection requires for two backup acts to be added to the line-up due to other possible withdrawals.

As the first possible replacement in case one of the acts decides to pull out from the race, we now have Patricija Gašparini   with “Pretend“. The probability of her being a part of the final version of the running order would be determined by withdrawal from one of the remaining sixteen acts.

Despite HRT selectin Eni and Vejko with their song “Cudo” as the second backup, they decided to withdraw their bid for Dora and were replaced with Igor Delač  and “U Ritmu Ljubavi”.

Dora 2019 line-up

  • Elis Lovrić – All I Really Want (E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić/O.Dešić)
  • Luka Nižetić – Amorero Brutalero (B. Mihaljević – M. Mihaljević – B. Mihaljević)
  • Gelato Sisters – Back To The Swing (T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec)
  • Beta Sudar – Don’t Give Up (P. Martinjak – P. Martinjak/M. Johansson – P. Martinjak)
  • Bernarda Bruno – I Believe In True Love (D. Rapotec Ute – T. Bon/B. Brunović – D. Rapotec Ute)
  • Domenica – Indigo (T. Huljić – V. Huljić – L. Škaro/T. Huljić)
  • Manntra – In The Shadows (M. Matijević Sekul/M. Kolarić/B. Kolarić – M. Kolarić/M. Matijević Sekul/B. Kolarić – M. Matijević Sekul)
  • Kim Verson – Nisam to što žele (K. Verson – K. Verson – S. Pasarić)
  • Jure Brkljača – Ne postojim kad nisi tu (M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus/M. Blum)
  • Ema Gagro – Redemption (A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro – A. Pupavac – A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro)
  • Lea Mijatović – Tebi pripadam (I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić)
  • Lidija Bačić Lille – Tek je počelo (D. Dumančić – Fayo – B. Đurđević)
  • Jelena Bosančić – Tell Me (J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić/A. Devčić/H. Domazet)
  • Lorena Bućan – Tower of Babylon (T. Huljić – V. Huljić/I. Huljić –L. Škaro/T. Huljić)
  • Roko Blažević – The Dream (J. Houdek – J. Houdek/C. Mason/A. Čubrić – I. Škunca/F. Gjud)
  • Bojan Jambrošić i Danijela Pintarić – Vrijeme predaje (A.T. Eterović – L. Čeči Baksa – A.T. Eterović)

The backup acts:

  • Patricija Gašparini  – Pretend
  • Igor Delač  –U ritmu ljubavi.

How it’s gonna work

Dora 2019 will take course over three nights and is going to take place in one of the most well known tourist spots in Croatia, Opatija.

The hosting trio will consist of: Mirko Fodor (famous reporter and the host of Good Morning Croatia on HRT), Iva Shulentic (host of The Voice Croatia) and Jelena Glishic (former Miss Universe Croatia and a TV presenter).

Are you looking forward to Dora’s eight year old comeback in the making? Will you be tuning in for the show? Which of the sixteen acts are you looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments section below and on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.

The last winner of Croatia’s Dora back in 2011, Darija Kinzer performing her entry “Lahore”
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