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Italian singer Arisa shares her dream of competing in Eurovision

From the Sanremo stage to the Eurovision stage?

With only one day to go before the 40 hours of Sanremo begins (not literally, but it feels that long), participant Arisa has spoken about her dream of taking part in Eurovision.

No stranger to Sanremo

Rosalba Pippa, better known as Arisa, will be competing in Festivali di Sanremo this week with her entry “Mi sento bene”. However, this won’t be her first time gracing the Sanremo stage. She’s previously competed in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Arisa won the newcomers’ section on her first appearance before winning again in 2014 with the song “Controvento”. The winner of Sanremo in 2014 was not offered the right to compete in Eurovision like in the years since Italy’s return. Instead, Rai internally selected Emma, who finished 21st in Denmark.

Could this dream soon come true?

In an interview with writer Paolo Giordano, Arisa spoke about how much it means to her to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Do you want me to tell you the truth? My dream is to participate in that event. And (Cristiano) Malgioglio exceeded himself with an exciting text. Thank you Mr. Malgioglio

Arisa on her interest in Eurovision and her Sanremo entry

In her upcoming album “Una nuova Rosalba in città”, due to be released this Friday, Arisa pays tribute to a recent Eurovision winner. The last track on the album, titled “Amarsi in due”, will be the Italian version of Salvador Sobral’s winning song “Amar Pelos Dois”. The lyrics of this version were written by Luísa Sobral and Cristiano Malgioglio.

Tomorrow marks the start of the 69th edition of Festivali di Sanremo, where 24 artists will compete. The winner will be offered the chance to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel this May.

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