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Get to know the Sanremo 2019 participants!

24 artists competing for the coveted trophy

Nino D’Angelo and Livio Cori


Number of previous Sanremo participations: 5 (most recently in 2010) for Nino and debuting for Livio

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Un’altra luce” (Another light)

This duet features a Sanremo debutant and rising artist together with a singer boasting a career of over 40 years.

Nino D’Angelo

Nino D’Angelo (real name Gaetano D’Angelo) was born in Naples in 1957 and over the years he published 41 albums. Focused on neapolitan music, he began his career as a wedding singers and in 1976 he published his first album, which obtained success in southern Italy. His 1982 album “Nu jeans e ‘na maglietta” sold over 1 million copies. His following albums also fared well and in 1986 he debuted at Sanremo with “Vai” finishing 7th. Alongside music, he remained very active in theatre and movies, appearing in several productions. He returned to Sanremo after 13 years in 1999 with “Senza giacca e cravatta” finishing 8th and later in 2002 with “Marí”. He continued to release albums and became the artistic director of a Naples theater. He returned to Sanremo one more time in 2010 with “Jammo jà” without making it to the final. After publishing an album in 2012, he took a break and in 2017 released “Nino D´Angelo 6.0” to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Livio Cori

Livio Cori also hails from Napoli, where he was born in 1990. He began composing at 14 years old and he released his first single “Mai” in 2013. In 2015, he made a duet with fellow 2019 participant Ghemon in “Tutta la notte” and also collaborated with Luchè in 2016. In 2017, he published the single “Kilometri” and the EP “Delay”. The same year, his piece “Surdat” became the opening of the series Gomorra. Lastly, in 2018, he released the single “Nennè”.

Paola Turci

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Number of previous Sanremo participations: 10 (most recently in 2017)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “L’ultimo ostacolo (The last obstacle)

Paola Turci, born in Rome in 1964, is no stranger to Sanremo, appearing for the 11th time. In fact, her career beginning took off in Sanremo in 1986 when she participated in the Giovani category with “L’uomo di ieri“. She participated to Sanremo every year until 1990. Despite not reaching the finals in her first three attempts, she published two albums and in 1989 won the Emergenti category with “Bambini“. After publishing another album in 1996, she returned for the 6th time to Sanremo in 1993 with “Stato di calma apparente” which ended in 7th place and anticipated her following album “Ragazze”.

hgnihsinifAfter a serious accent, she returned to the music scene in 1995 and the following year returned once again to Sanremo with “Volo così” finishing 10th. Later, she published a cover album and returned to Sanremo in 1998 placing 4th with “Solo con me“. She particopated again in 2001 with “Saluto l’inverno” ending the final night on 5th place. Btween 2002 and 2012, she continued to collaborate with various artists and released a few more albums as well as her first book. She rturned to Sanremo after a 16 years break in 2017 with “Fatti bella per te” placing 5th. Later, her album “Il secondo cuore” peaked second in the charts. Recently, she has also been active as a teacher in the show Amici di Maria De Filippi. 

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