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Get to know the Sanremo 2019 participants!

24 artists competing for the coveted trophy

Daniele Silvestri


Number of previous Sanremo participations: 5 (most recently in 2013)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Argento Vivo” (Living silver)

Daniele Silvestri was born in Rome in 1968, son of a TV producer. He began his music career back in 1994 and published 11 albums. He made his Sanremo debut in 1995 with “L’Uomo col Megafono”. In 1996, he worked on the soundtrack of the movie “Cuori al Verde” and in 1997 he pursued acting in the theaters alongside prominent actors and also appeared as himself in the movie “Barbara” in 1998. He made a Sanremo comeback in 1999 with “Aria”, a piece about life in prison, obtaining praise and recognition. He then published his next album “Sig. Datapas” and continued producing soundtracks for various movies. In 2002, he made his third appearance at Sanremo with his song “Salirò”. Despite only placing 14th in the show, his song achieved tremendous success receiving awards for best single, videoclip and arrangement to name a few. Like other participants of Sanremo 2019, he also published a book, titled “L’Autostrada”.

He returned to Sanremo once again in 2007 with his song “La Paranza”, which preceded his eighth album “Il Latitante”. Between 2008 and 2010 he toured around Italy and Europe, often selling out shows. He then returned to acting in theaters and releasing more music, including a tribute album to late Italian singer Rino Gaetano. He made his 5th appearance at Sanremo in 2013 with “A Bocca Chiusa”. In 2014, he collaborated with Italian singers Max Gazzé and Niccolò Fabi and released the album “Il Padrone della Festa”. The trio then started a tour Italy that was so successful that it ended up lasting more than 2 months longer than expected. He remains active in theater performances and his musical success remains high. In fact, in 2016 he released “Acrobati” that rose to the top of the charts, for the first time in his career.



Number of previous Sanremo participations: 0 (debuting)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Parole nuove” (New words)

Einar is one of the two winners of the newly established Sanremo Giovani and is a new face in the Italian music scene. Born in 1993 in Cuba, he moved to the North Italian city of Brescia when he was 9. He began his music career as a self-taught artist when he was 16, learning to play the guitar. In 2017, he auditioned for X Factor but ultimately failed to proceed to the live shows. In 2018, he participated to another talent show called “Amici di Maria De Filippi” this time enjoying success and finishing third overall. During the show he released his first EP “Einar” that includes three successful singles.

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