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Get to know the Sanremo 2019 participants!

24 artists competing for the coveted trophy

Francesco Renga

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Number of previous Sanremo participations: 7 (most recently in 2014)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Aspetto che torni” (I wait for your return)

Followers of Sanremo will also recognize Francesco Renga as this year marks his 7th appearance the festival. A popular singer, Francesco Renga was born in Udine, in Northern Italy, in 1968 and has enjoyed a successful career in music since 1986. Francesco began his musical adventures in bands. He participated in a competition for bands and joined a band called Precious Time, whom later would become Timoria, and became their leader. His band enjoyed great success and as part of Timoria he made his first appearance at Sanremo in 1991 with the song “L’uomo che ride”, other than publishing several albums.

Following disagreements with the band guitarist, Francesco decided to pursue a solo career in 1998. In 2000, he then released his first album “Francesco Renga” and the following year appeared at Sanremo with the song “Raccontami”, finishing 6th in the Giovani section but receiving good feedback regardless. In 2002, he returned to Sanremo again with “Tracce di Me”, placing 8th, and later on the same year publishing his second solo album “Tracce”. After a break, he published his third solo album “Camere con Vista” in 2004. His fourth appearance at the Festival in 2005 was very successful as he triumphed with the song “Angelo”, a piece dedicated to his then newborn daughter Jolanda. The song went on to enjoy great success, even topping the charts. His next solo album came in 2007, titled “Ferro e Cartone”. He once again returned to Sanremo in 2009 with his song “Uomo senza età”, making it to the final night and later released yet another album. Between 2010 and 2011, he established collaboration with multiple Italian musicians and even began collaborating with the guitarist of his old band.

He appeared to Sanremo also in 2012 with “La Tua bellezza” and 2014 with “Vivendo Adesso”, finishing 4th and earning platinum certificate. Since his last Sanremo appearance, he released two more albums, became a talent show judge for Amici di Maria De Filippi and has recently been touring with Nek and Max Pezzali around Italy.

Shade and Federica Carta

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Number of previous participations: 0 (debuting)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Senza farlo apposta” (without doing it on purpose)

Shade and Federica Carta are two new faces in the Festival. The duo is composed of rapper Shade (stage name of Vito Ventura), born in Turin in 1987 and Federica Carta, born in Rome in 1999. The duo first collaborated back in 2017 with the award winning piece “Irraggiungibile”.


Shade’s career started off his career by partaking to hip hop competitions in Italy. In 2013, he won a TV programme cold MTV Spit and then became a voice actor, offering his voice to one South Park character, to name one. Engaged by Warner Music Italy, he released his first album in 2015, titled Mirabilansia. The following year he released his second album, Clownstrofobia. He enjoyed great success in 2017 with his track “Bene ma non benissimo”, reaching double platinum certification. He released his third album in 2018. Shade also acted in movies and also hosted a music show on Rai Gulp.

Federica Carta

Federica Carta is a new and rising face in the Italian music industry. She became interested in music at the age of 9 thanks to her father and began taking music and piano lessons. Her breakthrough came at 17 when she joined Amci di Maria De Filippi show and some of her self-penned tracks became available. One of them,”Ti avrei voluto dire” earned platinum certification. She collaborated closely with Italian singer Elisa, who wrote one of Federica’s most successful tracks “Dopotutto”, and assisted her with her first album “Federica”. Her second album, “Molto più di un film” reached 4th place in the charts. Last November, she was the Italian commentator for Junior Eurovision.

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