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24 artists competing for the coveted trophy


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Number of previous Sanremo participations: 1 (2015, in Nuove Proposte)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “La ragazza con il cuore di latta” (the girl with the tin hat)

Born in Carrara in 1995 and raised in Monza, near Milan, Irama, stage name of Filippo Maria Fanti began his music career in 2015. In fact, that year, he won Sanremo Giovani earning the right to proceed to Sanremo Nuove Proposte category, where he eventually placed 7th. In February 2016, he published his first album, called Irama. In 2017 he, like other participants of this year’s edition, participate in Amici di Maria De Filippi, where he released some more material including the singles “Che vuoi che sia” and “Un giorno in più”. Additionally, he ended up winning the show, signing with Warner Music Italy and releasing an EP. One of the singles in his EP, “Nera” was one of the hits of summer 2018 in Italy. He has also collaborate with Laura Pausini, appearing in her concert in Assago. Later in 2018 he then published his second studio album, called “Giovani”, which topped the charts upon release.

Loredana Bertè


Number of previous Sanremo participations: 9 (most recently in 2012)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Cosa ti aspetti da me” (What do you expect from me)

Loredana Bertè has been a known figure in Italian music since the late 60s and returns to Sanremo for the ninth time. Born in 1950 in Calabria, southern Italy, she moved to Rome in 1965 and became involved as a TV dancer. Over the years, she has published 25 albums. Often a controversial singer, her first album was initially withdrawn because the cover image was considered vulgar. Besides, some of her songs also required changes to the lyrics to make them “cleaner”. Some of her albums fared extremely well in the charts, such as the gold certified “Loredana BertÈ”. She first appeared at Sanremo in 1986 with “Re” finishing 9th and then participated again in 1988 with “Io” finishing 18th. She is the younger sister of Eurovision 1992’s late entrant Mia Martini and together with her she performed at Sanremo 1993. She participated again in 1994 and 1995 finishing 13th and 19th respectively.

After the death of her sister in 1995 she took a career break and returned to Sanremo in 1997 with “Luna” and published a new successful album in 1998. Later, she took another career break returning to Sanremo in 2002 with “Dimmi che mi ami”. In 2005, she published the album “Babybertè” which saw the collaboration with several prominent artists and received gold certification. Over the years, she continued to collaborate with other singers and returned to Sanremo in 2012 together with Gigi D’Alessio, reaching 4th place with “Respirare”. Recently, she has also been active as a judge in talent shows such as Amici di Maria De Filippi  and Standing Ovation. In 2018, she published her latest album “LiBertè”.

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