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24 artists competing for the coveted trophy


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Number of previous Sanremo participations: 1 (2003)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “I ragazzi stanno bene” (The guys are doing fine)

Although only at their second appearance at Sanremo, Negrita are a band that has been active in the Italian music scene since 1991. Originally called Gli Inudibili, they changed the name to Negrita in 1992, inspired by the Rolling Stones’s song “Hey! Negrita”. It is composed of Paolo Bruni, Enrico Salvi, Cesare Petricich, Giacomo Rossetti, Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano and Cristiano Dalla Pellegrina. They published their first album, Negrita, in 1994 that despite the positive feedback didn’t fare too highly in the charts. Instead, the following year, the mini album “Paradiso per Illusi” sold 60,000 copies. Their third album, XXX, published in 1997 sold 100,000 copies and one of their songs became the soundtrack of a popular Italian movie by Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo.

Inspired by that success, they founded their own recording studio and wrote the entire soundtrack of another movie by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in 1998. In 1999, was the turn of the platinum-certified album “Reset”. After a year away from the scenes, their following album, Radio Zombie, released in 2001, sold 50,000 copies and resulted in a tour attended by 200,000 people in total. They then participated at Sanremo, for the first time, in 2003 with “Tonight” finishing 18th and published the best of “Ehi! Negrita”. After collaborating with other singers, including Francesco Renga, they published another album “L’Uomo sogna di volare”, with a specific track (Rotolando verso sud) receiving awards for the videoclip. In 2008, they published another album “HELLdorado”, which peaked 5th in the charts. Afterwards they published four more albums in 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2018. The latest one, titled “Desert Yacht Club” originated from a tour to London, Los Angeles and Tokyo the band undertook.


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Number of previous Sanremo participations: 3 (most recently in 2015)

Title of Sanremo 2019 entry: “Mi farò trovare pronto” (The guys are doing fine)

Nek, stage name of Filippo Seviani, is a well-known face in Italian music. Born in Sassuolo, northern Italy, in 1972 Nek’s 16 albums has sold more than 10 million and he enjoys great popularity both in Italy and in the Spanish-speaking world. His career started back in 1986 when he was initially part of bands and went solo in 1991 where after a strong performance in a popular festival he signed with the label Fonit Cetra. He published his first album in 1992 and in 1993 he made his first appearance at Sanremo in the newcomers’ section with “In te”  (also the title of his second album) placing third. After publishing his third album, he parted ways with Fonit Cetra and joined Warner Music Italy.

His fourth album, “Lei, gli amici e tutto il resto”, published in 1996 sold more than half a million copies and its most successful piece “Laura non c’è” even inspired a movie that Nek wrote the soundtrack for. He then published more albums in 2000, 2002 and 2003. His eighth album also enjoyed great success, winning a summer festival called Festivalbar with his song “Lascia che io sia” and  published a Spanish version of the album as well. A new albums came in 2008 and he continued to collaborate with other singers and touring around Italy. He published yet another album in 2013, called Filippo Neviani.  Instead, in 2015 took part to Sanremo with “Fatti Avanti Amore” finishing second behind winners “Il Volo”. After Sanremo, he published his latest album and continued to remain active in the music scene.

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