An Xtra Happy Birthday; Week 6! (February 4th-10th)

Last week we had 24 Eurovision performers that celebrated their birthday last week, including three Eurovision winners. However this week we celebrate one more. That is 25 Eurovision Stars. One of them is Véronique Müller.

February 4th

Today the greetings go to a guy from Portugal. Who made two attempts for Eurovision, one of them that succeed and gave him 7th place.

Jose Cid, 76

Portugal selected Cid to be their representative in 1980. Therefore he performed his song “Un grande, grande amor” on the stage in Hague, Netherlands. There he got 71 point, that is he reached 7th place out of 19 countries. Like mention before, Jose also took part in Festival da Canção in 1974. Then he sang with a group called Green Windows with the song “Imagens“.

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Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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