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Margaret – ‘If that song wouldn’t be as good as it is, I probably wouldn’t have done Melodifestivalen’

We caught up with her during the first rehearsals of Melodifestivalen

We recently caught up with Margaret during the first rehearsals of  Melodifestivalen 2019. We asked her more about her return to the           competition this year, and also future music releases.

INTERVIEW: Margaret ('Tempo') // Melodifestivalen 2019INTERVIEW: Margaret (‘Tempo’) // Melodifestivalen 2019

What made Margaret return to Melodfivestivalen this year?

Before being announced as a contestant for Melodifestivalen this year, Margaret did mention that she did not want to return to the competition so soon.

She mentioned on our interview how she really liked the song, and she mentioned that the song deserves the Melodfiestivalen treatment (in terms of the big performance, the promotion etc.), and she has mentioned that if she did not personally believe in the song, she would not have competed in Melodifestivalen this year.

Music Video for Tempo?

Margaret is well known for producing music videos for the singles she has released. From ‘Lollipop‘ to ‘What You Do‘ Margaret has shown that she is consistent about this.During the interview, I asked her if she will make a music video for ‘Tempo’ as she did not release one for ‘In My Cabana’. She has mentioned that they have set aside a date for her to film a video. However, she did not go to specifics about the concept of it (This is to keep it a surprise for the fans)

Margaret - Cool Me Down (Official Video)Margaret – Cool Me Down (Official Video)
Margaret’s music video for ‘Cool Me Down’, the track she competed with in
Krajowe Eliminacje in 2016
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