Tel Aviv 2019

Australia has decided! It’s Kate Miller-Heidke with “Zero Gravity” to Tel-Aviv!

The first ever Australian National Final has concluded!

Tonight…or was it this afternoon…or was it this morning?! Australia Decides has aired on SBS and they have…well…DECIDED and they decided that Kate Miller-Heidke will go to Tel-Aviv, Israel!

As they say in the famous Melbourne Cup, here were the runners and riders!

Song NumberActSong
1Ella Hooper“Data Dust”
2Electric Fields“2000 and Whatever”
3Mark Vincent“This Is Not The End”
5Courtney Act“Fight For Love”
6Leea Nanos“Set Me Free”
7Sheppard“On My Way”
8Alfie Arcuri“To Myself”
9Kate Miller-Heidke“Zero Gravity”
10Tania Doko“Piece of Me”

Here were the results!

Song NumberActSongJury SoreAustralia’s ScoreTotalPlace
1Ella Hooper“Data Dust”1261810
2Electric Fields“2000 and Whatever”44701142
3Mark Vincent“This Is Not The End”1919387
5Courtney Act“Fight For Love”2626524
6Leea Nanos“Set Me Free”1011219
7Sheppard“On My Way”4146873
8Alfie Arcuri“To Myself”3514495
9Kate Miller-Heidke“Zero Gravity”48871341
10Tania Doko“Piece of Me”176238
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