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Oscar Enestad: ‘I hope many people can relate to my song in some kind of way’

We caught up with Oscar during

Before the second semi-final of Melodifestivalen takes place tonight, we caught up with Oscar Enestad, who is one of the FO&O members competing in this year’s Melodifestivalen with their entry ‘I Love It’, where we talked about his song, his staging and future music releases.

‘But I didn’t plans for Mello first’

When asked about his entry, Oscar mentioned that he was suppose to release ‘I Love It’ last summer. Instead, Oscar released ‘Heaven On My Skin‘ After conversations with his team, he was persuaded to enter the song to Melodifestivalen instead.

‘Me and Parker kind of matched when it comes to being ‘not accepted’ when it comes to love’

Oscar co-wrote his Melodifestivalen entry with Emanuel Abrahamsson, Parker James. During our interview, we asked him what was the process like for writing the song.

He mentioned to us about how him and Parker connected on the issue of ‘not being accepted’ when it comes to love and who they want to love. He mentions about how people might not be accepting of his relationship (due to the age difference between him and his girlfriend), combining this with Parker’s personal experience with his sexuality resulted in Oscar’s Melodifestivalen entry.

At this point I asked him if the song is about love for what it is, regardless of the age difference of a romance, or sexuality. He has mentioned that what I asked is exactly what he was going for and he hoped that the viewers of the show and the fans of his music can relate to his entry.

‘We wanted to build this emotion of being trapped’

We went on to talk to Oscar about the staging for his entry this year. He wanted to tell a story of being trapped, like having mirrors around yourself and use the LED lights to go from cold and trapped and bright and warm.

Oscar during the Melodifestivalen rehearsals

Music videos and future music releases

During our interview, Oscar confirmed that there is already a music video filmed for ‘I Love It’. However, when they saw the final product, they decided to film another one, but he did confirm that what they recently filmed will be seen in social media at some point in the future.

Oscar also confirmed that he is currently working towards releasing his debut album at some point in the future. He also has plans to write some songs with the co-writers of I Love It (Emanuel Abrahamsson, Parker James). In addition to this, he has mentioned that he likes experimenting with other genres but would prefer to stick to what he is currently doing at the moment.

If you wanna know more about our interview with Oscar, you can watch it below:

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