Tel Aviv 2019

Tonight: Montevizija, more semi-finals and the conclusion to Sanremo 2019!

Super-Saturday started early today with Australia picking their Eurovision entry. But we still have a long evening ahead of us. There is no end in sight to all the shows happening tonight! Hey…that kinda rhymed! We promise to never do it again.

🇺🇦 Ukraine – Vidbir

Show: Vidbir – Semi-Final 1

When: 18:00 – 21:30 CET

Where to Watch: UA:Pershyi or the livestream on YouTube

Things kick off in Ukraine with the semi-finals of Vidbir as eight hopefuls take the stage. Among them we can find 2016’s Vidbir finalist, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, who are best known for their creative music videos. One of the favourites so far is certainly Maruv, who also took part of Vidbir with the group known as Pringlez (yes, they actually called themselves that) in 2016. Will either of them make it to the final? Or will any of the newcomers take those spots? Will Trucker-Hat-Verka ever NOT look bored and annoyed while watching these performances? Answers to questions like that and MANY more await you tonight!

Same as usual, the three qualifiers will be decided by a combination of jury (Jamala, Andriy Danylko and Yevhen Filatov back once again) and televote rankings. For tonight’s full line-up, running order and links to songs in their studio versions, check out the list down below:

  1. The Hypnotunez“Hey”
  2. Letay“Myla moya”
  3. Vera Kekelia“Wow!
  4. Tsesho“Hate
  5. Yuko“Galyna guliala
  6. Maruv“Siren Song”
  7. Brunettes Shoot Blondes“Houston
  8. Bahroma“Nazavzhdy-Navsegda

🇬🇪 Georgia – Georgia Idol

Show: Georgia Idol – 3rd Live Show

When: 19:00 – 21:15 CET

Where to watch: GPB or the online stream.

More people singing stuff in Georgia. There were eight and now there are seven. We imagine that number will be even lower next week, because otherwise there would be no point to this episode. The remaining hopefuls are:

  • Ikako Aleksidze
  • Liza Kalandadze
  • Tamar Lechkapiani
  • Oto Nemsadze
  • Giorgi Nakashidze
  • Giorgi Pruidze
  • Nini Tsnobiladze

🇭🇺 Hungary – A Dal 2019

Show: A Dal – Semi-Final 1

When: 19:30 – 21:40 CET

Where to watch: Duna, Duna World or one of the online live stream.

Hungary is past the heat stages and heading bravely into the world of semi-finals. It’s quite an odd line-up for semi-final one, featuring not a single heat winner and only two acts from the top three of any heats so far. Instead they have rounded up all the second round qualifiers, who will now once again face judgement in front of a jury panel eager to crush the hopes and dreams of every A Dal fan out there .

The combined score of all four judges plus the televoters (who acts as the fifth judge) will determine the initial three qualifiers in round one of voting, Round two is open only for the public and will send through one more act, making it FOUR in total. MATH! We don’t know the running order yet, but for a list of all the acts appearing tonight (and links to their heat performances) look down below:

🇸🇪 Sweden – Melodifestivalen

Show: Melodifestivalen — Semi-Final 2

When: 20:00 – 21.30 (CET)

Where to watch:  SVT or their official livestream.

We continue our parade down confetti-and-balloon-lane with the next semi-final of Melodifestivalen! Last year’s finalist LIAMOO is back with a friend, while Poland’s very own Margaret hopes to have another smash hit in “Tempo”. We also have Andreas Johnson trying his luck for the SEVENTH time and one of the O‘s from FO&O. So get ready for another week of all your favourites ending up in Andra Chansen!

The app voting has been retooled somewhat, but the format remains the same. After two rounds of voting, the top two (as voted by the public) move on directly to the final, while the acts that came 3rd and 4th get a second chance in…well, the Second Chance round after all the semi-finals are done. You can listen to the one-minute-long snippets here and see the full list of performers in the correct running order down below:

  1. Andreas Johnson – “Army of Us”
  2. Malou Prytz – “I Do Me”
  3. Oscar Enestad -“I Love It”
  4. Jan Malmsjö – “Leva livet”
  5. Vlad Reiser – “Nakna i regnet”
  6. Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO – “Hold You”
  7. Margaret – “Tempo”

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