Poll: Who is your current Eurovision 2019 favourite?

The season is starting slowly. With only a month to go until the deadline to hand in the entries, we still only have… eight. Perhaps even seven if Mahmood actually withdraws. Anyway, we want to know who your current #1 of Eurovision 2019 actually is in our new poll…

King Miki?

Contrary to what Bilal Hassani claims, it seems not he, but Miki is the current king of the contest. Spain’s entrant for Tel Aviv has won both previous polls convincingly. After nearly 55% on the first poll, the second poll ended up with “La Venda” winning with almost 46% of the vote.

Surprisingly, second place this time went to Albania’s Jonida Maliqi. Her “Ktheju Tokës” finished last on our first poll, but surged to 25% of the vote in this second one, beating France’s Bilal Hassani and Czech Republic’s Lake Malawi. “Roi” scored 18% of the vote, whereas “Friend of a Friend” had to settle for 11%.

Since the launch of that poll, four new songs have joined the field. The United Kingdom have chosen Michael Rice for the Eurovision Song Contest, where he will perform “Bigger Than Us”. Saturday was a proper Super Saturday with three new entries: Australia and Kate Miller-Heidke’s “Zero Gravity”, Montenegro with D-Moll’s “Heaven” and late, very late at night, Italy chose Mahmood and his “Soldi”. Did any of those manage to top your ranking?

Make sure you vote below and encourage your friends to do the same!

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Nick van Lith

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