Eurovision Trivia: Melodifestivalen to Australia and the Balkans

Well what a great week it was for Eurovision. Australia selected well, we got the yearly Montenegrin, er… moment, there was a good set of results in Melodifestivalen, Sanremo passed and gave us a rather incredible Italian entry, other national finals are progressing well. All’s great. Meanwhile, absolutely nothing happened in my home nation of the United Kingdom. You might notice there are no questions here about that result. That is partially because I forgot it happened, as I personally dislike the chosen entry and so I’m swearing off patriotism for good. The other reason is that it just wasn’t that interesting – there are far more exciting and weirder things going on in the finals across Europe that make for better questions. Have a go at the ones here, and test yourself.

Every question in this quiz is related to ESCXtra articles published during the last week. Maybe also a few days either side. Perhaps it was something being reported, maybe it about information that our writers left in the article. Very occasionally it’ll require a little bit of Eurovision knowledge outside of that. The majority of the answers will have been on this website very recently. 

In any case, I hope you’ll join us and have an attempt at the very latest in Eurovision trivia. It’ll also serve as a useful reminder of the headlines you have been reading this week.

Who won Sanremo 2019, getting offered the chance to go to Eurovision?

Sanremo 2019
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Mahmood has recently confirmed that he will be indeed taking part, after having second thoughts during this week.

Kobi Merimi has just won The Next Star for Israel, meaning he will be their artist at this year's Eurovision. How many songs did he sing on the final night of The Next Star?

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2 rounds for this show, one in a duel against another contestant, and then one song with just the final three going against each other. Looking up how the four contestants got to the final show is not recommended for those with a fear of spreadsheets.

Polish popstar Margaret failed to repeat her success last year by failing to progress at all from the Melodifestivalen heat, despite performing last. This is quite unusual. When was the last time an act performing last in a Melodifestivalen heat did not progress further in the competition?

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Dr Alban & Jessica Folcker's All Around The World was the last Melodifestivalen song to receive this 'honour'.

What is the title of (North) Macedonia's 2019 entry, as sung by Tamara Todevska?

Tamara Todevska
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We don't have the song yet so keep an eye out for that. (the other options are themed, like Proud, as synonyms for Seven Deadly Sins, they mean nothing in particular)

What year is Australia now definitely staying in Eurovision until? (barring exceptional circumstances)

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D-Moll's Heaven is the song representing Montenegro in Tel Aviv. Which votes did they win on?

Montevizija 2019
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D-Moll were very popular in Montenegro on all fronts!

Australia's entry has now also been chosen, it will be performed by Kate Miller-Heidke. What is the title of her song?

Zero Gravity
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Other titles are other songs from the Australian national final.

Which of the following acts didn't advance to the final in Ukraine from Saturday's heat?

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One of the Lithuanian finalists, Jurgis Brūzga, announced on Saturday, has a song whose title references a common keyboard combination. What is this?

Eurovizijos Atranka
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Doesn't that just sound like a thrilling topic?

Which of the following singers went straight to the final in this week's Melodifestivalen heat?

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The youngest of them all. Well done to Malou and best of luck to her.

Eurovision Trivia 13/02/2019 - Draft
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