Tel Aviv 2019

Roko Blažević wins Dora 2019 with Jacques Houdek penned “The Dream”

Roko Blažević has won Dora 2019. The singer will now go on to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv this year. His song is called “The Dream”.

Return of the Houdek

“The Dream” emerged as the clear winner of tonight’s Dora. It picked up the maximum score after all regional jury votes had been calculated. Dubrovnik, Split and Rijeka awarded top points to the song. Televoting also had Roko first, meaning he became the first winner of Dora since Daria Kinzer in 2011.

Roko’s song has been written by familiar Eurovision faces. Jacques Houdek, who represented Croatia back in 2017, is one of the composers together with Charlie Mason. He has previously been behind Eurovision entries such as “Rise Like A Phoenix” and “Beauty Never Lies”.

English prevails

The English language turned out to be popular in Croatia. Almost all well scoring songs were in English. Behind Roko Blažević, Lorena Bućan and Luka Nižetić completed the podium. The latter was the favourite to win tonight with his “Brutalero” according to our ESCPrediction players.

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