Tel Aviv 2019

Tonight: National finals in Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia and Latvia. Plus much much more!

Get those snacks, drinks and massage chairs ready, it’s going to be a LONG one tonight. But there’s nothing stopping us Eurovision fans, is there? We are all on a mission and that mission is to face THE most packed Super-Saturday of the national final season HEAD ON. Without fear or hesitation. Just need a change of costume first.

🇺🇦 Ukraine – Vidbir

Show: Vidbir – Semi-Final 2

When: 18:00 – 21:30 CET

Where to Watch: UA:Pershyi or the livestream on YouTube.

Following last week’s marathon of commercial breaks we now have the SECOND semi-final of Vidbir 2019. Lots of people with only a first name waiting to impress the voters! Like Laud, who is back after finishing 4th in the final last year. Kazka also make a comeback after last year’s not-so-stellar result, which they are likely not to repeat as they are one of the fan favourites. Will the show actually end on schedule this time despite already lasting longer than than the actual Eurovision Song Contest? And will Verka be able to think about anything other than Maruv twerking in his face? I guess we just have to find out…

Same as usual, the three qualifiers will be decided by a combination of jury (Jamala, Andriy Danylko and Yevhen Filatov back once again) votes and televote rankings. For tonight’s full line-up, running order and links to songs in their studio versions, check out the list down below:

  1. Ivan Navi “All for the Love”
  2. Anna Maria“My Road”
  3. Kazka“Apart”
  4. Kira Mazur“Dykhaty”
  5. Laud“2 dni”
  6. Khayat “Ever”
  7. Braii “Maybe”
  8. Freedom Jazz“Cupidon”

🇪🇪 Estonia – Eesti Laul

Show: Eesti Laul – Final

When: 18:00 – 21:45 CET (with a “short” 30 minute break in the middle from 20:00-20:30 CET)

Where to Watch: ETV or their official livestream.

We had a week off to ponder over why exactly that decapitated head was yelling at us about mouth harps in the last semi. And the Katzen. Oh god the Katzen…It’s time to put all that behind us now and move on to the grand final of Eesti Laul 2019! The favourite continues to be Sweden’s very own Victor Crone, probably because it’s written somewhere in the official Eurovision rulebook that there has to be a a song called “Storm” at Eurovision each year. Hot on his tracks though are plenty of dark horses like Uku Suviste and Inger, so don’t count this a done deal yet.

A 50/50 split between the public televotes and jury votes will decide the top three in the first round of voting. The Estonian jury from the semis can rest easy, because they have been replaced by an entirely international bunch in the final. The top three then move on to the super-final where the public (and only the public) will decide the actual winner. You can see the correct running order and listen to the studio versions of each song down below:

  1. Sissi“Strong”
  2. Lumevärv ft. Inga“Milline päev”
  3. Victor Crone“Storm”
  4. Kerli Kivilaan“Cold Love”
  5. xtra basic & Emily J“Hold Me Close”
  6. Kadiah“Believe”
  7. Synne Valtri“I’ll Do It My Way”
  8. Stefan“Without You”
  9. The Swingers, Tanja & Birgit – “High Heels in the Neighbourhood”
  10. Uku Suviste“Pretty Little Liar”
  11. Inger “Coming Home”
  12. Sandra Nurmsalu“Soovide puu”

🇬🇪 Georgia – Georgia Idol

Show: Georgia Idol – 4th Live Show

When: 19:00 – 21:15 CET

Where to watch: GPB or the online stream.

You know the drill by now! After last week’s show, six names remain and less will be here when we write this up again next week. Eventually we will get to the end, my friends. And only one will remain to be sent to Tel Aviv. Eventually…

  • Liza Kalandadze
  • Tamar Lechkapiani
  • Oto Nemsadze
  • Giorgi Nakashidze
  • Giorgi Pruidze
  • Nini Tsnobiladze

🇭🇺 Hungary – A Dal 2019

Show: A Dal – Semi-Final 2

When: 19:30 – 21:40 CET

Where to watch: Duna, Duna World or one of the online live streams.

When last week was a real battle of the underdogs, then this week is a battle of the giants. Or at the very least a battle of the Gergős. All three heat winners, Joci Pápai, Fatal Error and Gergő Oláh, show up battle it out with most of the other jury favourites from their respective heats. With only four spots open in the final, it really is anyone’s guess what will happen, but it likely will involve your favourite being eliminated.

The combined score of all four judges plus the televoters (who acts as the fifth judge) will determine the initial three qualifiers in round one of voting, Round two is open only for the public and will send through one more act, making it FOUR in total. MATH! We don’t know the running order yet, but for a list of all the acts appearing tonight (and links to their heat performances) look down below:

🇸🇪 Sweden – Melodifestivalen

Show: Melodifestivalen — Semi-Final 3

When: 20:00 – 21.30 (CET)

Where to watch:  SVT or their official livestream.

Another week, another chance for three-year-olds to have their vote actually matter for once! Flashing lights and seizure warnings await us as we welcome semi-final three of Melodifestivalen. It’s yet another familiar line-up to fans of the contest. Back for another go is 2015’s runner up, 2017’s finalist and joikster ekstraordine, Jon Henrik Fjällgren.  We also have Dolly Style with brand new faces to go along with their new song,
2005’s Swedish entrant Martin Stenmarck  and the other O from FO&O. Get ready for surprises and confusing heart blinking!

The app voting has been retooled somewhat, but the format remains the same. After two rounds of voting, the top two (as voted by the public) move on directly to the final, while the acts that came 3rd and 4th get a second chance in…well, the Second Chance round after all the semi-finals are done. You can listen to the one-minute-long snippets here and see the full list of performers in the correct running order down below:

  1. The Lovers of Valdaro – “Somebody Wants”
  2. Dolly Style – “Habibi”
  3. Martin Stenmarck – “Låt skiten brinna”
  4. Lina Hedlund – “Victorious”
  5. Omar – “Om igen”
  6. Rebecka Karlsson – “Who I Am”
  7. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – “Norrsken”

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