Tel Aviv 2019

Portugal: We have the first four qualifiers of Festival da Canção 2019!

50% of the final line-up is confirmed!

The first semi-final of Festival da Canção 2019 took place tonight. Eight acts competed for four places at the Grand Final. The professional jury and the Portuguese public decided the first four finalists based on a 50/50 system. The last set of finalists will be chosen next Saturday, and will join tonight’s qualifiers on the Grand Final to take place in Portico on March 2nd. Let’s take a look at the results from tonight’s show!

The results

Just like in the previous two years, the power was equally divided between the expert jury and the public at home. In case of a tie, the choice of the jury prevails over the choice of the televote. The jury and the televote awarded to the songs points from three to twelve. The four acts with the highest total votes advanced to the Grand Final, where they will be joined by the four finalists of the second semi final. You can read more about this year’s jury here.

The follow artists qualified for the final:

That means that the following acts are out of the running for the Portuguese ticket in Tel Aviv:

Find the full results breakdown in the table below:

PlaceArtist SongsJuryTelevoteTotal
1Matay  “Perfeito” 121022
2Conan Osíris  “Telemóveis”71219
3Calema  “A dois”10818
4Αna Cláudia  “Inércia”8513
5João Campos  “É o que é”6713
6Ela Limão  “Mais brilhante que mil sóis”5611
7Filipe Keil  “Hoje”448
8Soraia Tavares  “O meu sonho”336

Note: Ana Cláudia and João Campos received the same votes total, but the tie was broken by the jury score, hence why Ana progressed to the final.

The Second Semi Final

The second semi final will take place on February 23rd. Once again, eight acts will compete for the last four places avaible in the Grand Final. The running order is as follows:

  • Lara Laquiz – “O lugar”
  • Dan Riverman – “Lava”
  • Mariana Bragada – “Mar doce”
  • João Couto – “O jantar”
  • Madrepaz – “Mundo a mudar”
  • Surma – “Pugna”
  • Mila Dores – “Debaixo do luar”
  • NBC – “Igual a ti”

Did the right acts go through tonight? Who were your favourites? Let us know! Stay tuned for the second semi final of Festival da Canção 2019, which takes place 23rd February. In the meantime, be sure to follow @ESCXTRA on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest updates!

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