MTVA disqualifies Petruska from the A Dal final

Drama in Hungary! Broadcaster MTVA have been forced to disqualify Petruska from the final of A Dal after he was accused of plagiarism. A special committee have found his song indeed guilty of being too similar to another song.

Vampire Weekend

Petruska’s song “Help Me Out Of Here” qualified for the Grand Final after coming second in the first semifinal, picking up high scores from all jury members, as well as the app vote. However, after the second semifinal had ended, host Freddie announced that one of the eight finalists was under investigation for alleged plagiarism. At the time, he did not confirm which song it was.

In a now released press statement, MTVA confirmed they have found Petruska’s entry guilty of plagiarism. The song that was found to be too similar is by a band called Vampire Weekend. The song is called “White Sky” and was released three years ago. You can see the two songs at the bottom of this article to compare them yourself.

Gergő Oláh replaces Petruska

MTVA have decided to replace Petruska in the grand final of A Dal next Saturday. The highest scoring act which didn’t qualify would get his place. Looking at the score, that act was Gergő Oláh. His song “Hozzád Bújnék” narrowly missed out on qualification, scoring 41 points.

The disqualification of Petruska means there is now just one song in English in the final of A Dal. That is The Middletonz’ effort “Roses”, with lead singer András Kállay-Saunders.

The final of A Dal 2019 is set to take place this Saturday. Eight acts will battle it out in two rounds. The jury will select the four superfinalists first. Afterwards, televoting will have a 100% say in the superfinal. The winner will be hoping to secure Hungary’s ninth consecutive final qualification.

Below you can take a look at both Petruska’s “Help Me Out Of Here” and Vampire Weekend’s “White Sky”. Do you think they’re too similar? Let us know!
Petruska - Help Me Out of Here (hivatalos / official video)Petruska – Help Me Out of Here (hivatalos / official video)
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