POLL: Who is your current Eurovision 2019 favourite?

Another weekend gone, another poll to get us through the week. Five new songs have been chosen this weekend and we’ve gone from delight to frustration to jaw-dropping shocks. Thirteen songs have now been chosen and we’re gearing up for another week of Eurovision fun. Yes, Eurovision fans… it’s Eurovision time!

No one bigger than the United Kingdom

Our previous poll turned into a very convincing victory. On their first appearance in the poll, the United Kingdom took a massive victory. Michael Rice’s fans were mobilised better than anyone else’s and therefore, he took the crown with a whopping 62% of the vote.

On a very distant 12%, Italy stormed to second place. Mahmood’s “Soldi” nearly beat our previous favourite Miki from Spain. “La Venda” still picked up 10% of the vote. With the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, the podium consisted solely of Big Five countries. It sure has been a while since that happened!

The only known Big Five country to not finish on the podium were France. “Roi” by Bilal Hassani came fifth, just behind Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidke. The bottom three were, in the following order, Albania, Czech Republic and Montenegro. Perhaps those can pick up more traction in the new poll you can find below?

Five new songs

Today, we’ll launch our new poll with the five new entries in it. It’s been a weekend of shocks. Where many expected Laura Bretan or Raiven to come out of the proverbial envelopes, we have Ester Peony and Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl. Can they storm to the top? Or is that a job for Victor Crone, Roko or Carousel? It’s all in your hands!

Vote below for your favourite act of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and make sure you encourage your friends to do the same!

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