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San Marino: Serhat’s entry to be revealed on March 7th

The video will have a fresh and modern concept

In January, Serhat was announced to return to the contest as San Marino’s representative. Today it was revealed that the song will be released on March 7th together with a music video.

Working with partners beyond geographical borders

The date was confirmed in a press release by the Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV. Over the past weeks, Serhat has been travelling between San Marino, France and Turkey and has started to shoot the music video for the song. The video is said to have a very fresh and modern concept, that brings the viewers right into the heart of the song.

Earlier it was said that the song will be full of energy. The message of the song has been described as “an embrace open to the world, to people and beyond every boundary”. It was also said that Serhat is working on the song with partners beyond geographical borders, who share their passion for music.

Super Thursday

Thursday, the March 7th is slowly shaping up to be a Super Thursday for internally selected songs being revealed. Switzerland and The Netherlands will also reveal their entries on the same day.

San Marino will compete in the first semifinal of the contest on May 16th and will perform in the second half of the show.

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Sami Luukela

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