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Unser Lied für Israel: Listen to all the songs for the German final

Time for Germany to enter the contest!

It’s time for the German national final, which takes place today (Friday). The songs for the show are now released if it’s Friday where you live. Below we have all the links to the songs for you, so you can start listening right after midnight and make up your mind about “Unser Lied für Israel”!

The songs for “Unser Lied für Israel”:

If you don’t have Spotify or some of the songs are not available in your country, you can also listen to all the songs here.

Aly Ryan – Wear Your Love
Music and lyrics: Aly Ryan, Michelle Leonard, Thomas Stengaard, Tamara Olorga

BB Thomaz – Demons
Music and lyrics: BB Thomaz, Andrew Tyler, Ricardo Bettiol, Tim Schou

Linus Bruhn – Our City
Music and lyrics: Linus Bruhn, Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, Serhat Sakin, Gianna Roth

Gregor Hägele – Let Me Go
Music and lyrics: Gregor Hägele, Jonas Shandel, David Jürgens, Tamara Olorga

S!sters – Sister
Music and lyrics: Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbacher, Tom Oehler, Thomas Stengaard

Lilly Among Clouds – Surprise
Lyrics: Elisabeth Brüchner, Music: Elisabeth Brüchner, Udo Rinklin

Makeda – The Day I Loved You Most
Music and lyrics: Makeda, Tim Uhlenbrock, Kelvin Jones, Kristine Bogan

How do they select the winner?

In addition to television viewers from Germany, a 100-member Eurovision jury and an international jury of experts decide about the German representative for Tel Aviv. Each part will decide 1/3 of the final result. The vote will follow the same procedure as the international ESC. After the seven performances, the television viewers, the international jury and the Eurovision jury cast their votes. The points will be announced separately in the show.

Who is your favorite to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

Last year Germany was represented by Michael Schulte and his song “You Let Me Walk Alone”. He achieved the 4th place in the final of Lisbon which is Germany’s best result since Lena won the contest in 2010! Can Germany continue with an equally successful result in 2019?

Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone - Germany - LIVE - Grand Final - Eurovision 2018Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone – Germany – LIVE – Grand Final – Eurovision 2018

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