Maruv wins Vidbir 2019 and will represent Ukraine with “Siren Song”

Ukraine have chosen their act for Tel Aviv. In a dramatic national final, filled with outrage, upsets and drama, Maruv emerged victorious from the pack. She will now sing “Siren Song” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Not the jury favourite

Maruv (Anna Korsun) won the televoting in tonight’s Vidbir, picking up the maximum six points from them. She needed those as the juries only placed her second, behind Freedom Jazz. The third place Freedom Jazz achieved in televoting wasn’t enough to hold on to the lead.

Maruv’s eleven points were enough to win Vidbir 2019. Originally, the singer wasn’t even part of the line up for the Ukrainian national final. The organisers only decided to add her once Tayanna decided to withdraw.

Soon after announcing her song for Vidbir, Maruv turned into a favourite. She was also the one you all predicted as the winner in Eurovision Prediction. Nearly 60% of the participants thought the 26 year old would win and represent Ukraine at Eurovision.

Maruv is a director of her own show, author, sound producer, and she already released two music albums. Her and Boosin’s single «Drunk Groove» is already in the top of some European and American charts.

There is some political controversy around the singer, as she is touring around Russia, with which Ukraine is in a state of War. It was especially underlined by Jamala, who also asked Maruv if she believes that Crimea is part of Ukraine, on which the singer gave a positive answer.

The full scoreboard for Vidbir can be found below:

  1. Maruv – Siren Song: 11 (Jury – 5; Televote – 6)
  2. Freedom Jazz – Cupidon: 10 (Jury – 6; Televote – 4)
  3. Kazka – Apart: 8 (Jury – 3; Televote – 5)
  4. Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Houston: 5 (Jury – 2; Televote – 3)
  5. Yuko – Galyna Guliala: 5 (Jury – 4; Televote – 1)
  6. Anna Maria – My Road: 3 (Jury – 1; Televote – 2)
MARUV’s winning performance of “Siren Song”

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