New Music Friday this week with SuRie, Mahmood, Eleni Foureira, Ardian Bujupi and more!

Thank God It’s Friday! We at ESCXTRA.com love the Fridays. Eurovision madness is about to kick off, but first we get to listen to new music from our favourite Eurovision and national final stars in our New Music Friday feature. Check out the following pages to find out all about our favourite releases of the week!

Eleni Foureira – Triumph

What better way to start this week’s New Music Friday article than with the uncrowned queen of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Eleni Foureira! She has dropped her latest single “Triumph” this week, a power anthem for girls. And Eleni manages to deliver her anthem with the qualities we know: It’s current, it’s relevant, it’s sassy and it’s extremely catchy. Of course, let’s not forget this song was made in collaboration with a lingerie company, so it’s sure to be sexy as well… You just have to love her!

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