Tel Aviv 2019

Tonight: Ukraine, Hungary, Denmark and Lithuania pick their entries!

Just when you thought it was safe to make plans once again…Another Eurovision Super-Saturday is ready to get started tonight! Things are not quite as hectic as last week, but don’t you worry, there are still PLENTY of shows to watch and most of them will actually lead to getting new entries!

🇺🇦 Ukraine – Vidbir

Show: Vidbir – FInal

When: 18:00 – 21:30 (knowing Ukraine, you can add about 30 minutes to that) CET

Where to Watch: UA:Pershyi or the livestream on YouTube.

After completing the final line-up last week, it’s time to see who actually wins this thing! Maruv still stands as a fan favourite, but her score last time wasn’t exactly promising, despite the private dance she gave the judges. Kazka meanwhile have absolutely been flooded with dislikes on YouTube for their disappointing performance last week and watching all of this unfold is Freedom Jazz, ready to prove their victory in semi-final two wasn’t a fluke. But if you think this is a done deal for one act or the other, know that most of them will likely change their staging so things will not look the way you might think. Only certainty is Verka wearing another cap.

Same as usual, the winner will be decided by a combination of jury (Jamala, Andriy Danylko and Yevhen Filatov back once again) votes and televote rankings. For tonight’s full line-up, running order and links to songs in their studio versions, check out the list down below:

  1. Freedom Jazz “Cupidon”
  2. Yuko – “Galyna guliala”
  3. Maruv“Siren Song”
  4. Brunettes Shoot Blondes“Houston”
  5. Kazka“Apart”
  6. Anna Maria“My Road”

🇬🇪 Georgia – Georgia Idol

Show: Georgia Idol – 5th Live Show

When: 19:00 – 21:15 CET

Where to watch: GPB or the online stream.

You guessed it! After last week’s show, only five competitors remain in Georgian Idol. The final has four spots though, so one more will leave tonight and with the favourites changing every week, it really could be anyone’s turn to go.

  • Liza Kalandadze
  • Oto Nemsadze
  • Giorgi Nakashidze
  • Giorgi Pruidze
  • Nini Tsnobiladze

🇭🇺 Hungary – A Dal 2019

Show: A Dal – Final

When: 19:30 – 21:40 CET

Where to watch: Duna, Duna World or one of the online live streams.

Last week saw four more acts move to the final of A Dal and tonight marks the end of that long journey. If you happened to take a peek at the list down below before reading this bit, you might be confused as to why one of the qualifiers from the first semi is missing. Well after going over the song with a magnifying glass and some hearing aids, Petruska was sadly disqualified. This did leave a spot open for Gergő Oláh to mark the return of not only himself but also the Battle Of The Gergo’s! Giving them a run for their money are two previous Hungarian entrants, Joci Pápai and András Kállay-Saunders (as part of The Middletonz).Will any of these familiar faces take the crown or will it be someone fresh and new? We will find out soon enough!

A bit tricky, this one! There is nothing for the audience to do at home besides create prayer circles and hope for the best as the judges award points for each performance in round one of the results. Their collective top four move through to round two. Only THEN is it all up to the public. We don’t know the running order yet, but for a list of all the acts appearing tonight (and links to their semi-final performances) look down below:

🇸🇪 Sweden – Melodifestivalen

Show: Melodifestivalen — Semi-Final 4

When: 20:00 – 21.30 (CET)

Where to watch:  SVT or their official livestream.

Inching closer to completing their final line-up is Sweden. We have ran out of O’s in FO&O this week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other familiar faces here. Arvingarna already represented Sweden once at Eurovision in 1993 and are now ready for their big come-back. But absolutely nobody, especially previous entrants, should feel safe around Anton Hagman, who is ready to take down ANY statements thrown at him. We also have 2016’s and 2017’s finalist Lisa Ajax and last year’s big favourite, John Lundvik. Both of them back and ready to take that shiny shiny trophy. Not to mention Bishara, whose song is written by the televoting anti-magnet Benjamin Ingrosso himself. Only two will make itthrough and Sweden LOVES a good surprise, so nothing is certain tonight!

The app voting has been retooled somewhat, but the format remains the same. After two rounds of voting, the top two (as voted by the public) move on directly to the final, while the acts that came 3rd and 4th get a second chance in…well, the Second Chance round after all the semi-finals are done. You can listen to the one-minute-long snippets here and see the full list of performers in the correct running order down below:

  1. Pagan Fury – “Stormbringer”
  2. Anton Hagman – “Känner dig”
  3. Lisa Ajax – “Torn”
  4. Arvingarna – “I Do”
  5. Bishara – “On My Own”
  6. Ann-Louise Hanson – “Kärleken finns kvar”
  7. John Lundvik – “Too Late for Love”

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