Tel Aviv 2019

Tonight: Ukraine, Hungary, Denmark and Lithuania pick their entries!

🇩🇰 Denmark – Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019

Show: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – Final

When: 20:00 – 22:00 CET

Where to watch: DR TV or the online live stream.

It’s time to kick off Melodi Grand Prix and dust off that stage they love to use so much. Did you know that Greenlandic has never been heard on the Eurovision stage before? Well Julie & Nina are here to fix that with their entry “League of light”. Considering the fact that Greenland can once again vote and watch the show, they might just pull it off too! Meanwhile Lisa Cabble continues her journey of becoming Melodi Grand Prix’ very own G:son by being one of the songwriters behind “Love is Forever”. That is sung by Leonora, who also doubles as a figure skater. Dima Bilan circa 2008 is left shaking!

Two rounds to this one! The results in round one will be determined by a 50/50 combination of public votes and jury votes. The top three move on to round two, where pretty much the same exact thing will happen again and both the jury and the public determine the overall winner. The actual running order for tonight (as well as links to all the studio versions of the songs) is written down below:

  1. Simone Emilie“Anywhere”
  2. Jasmin Gabay“Kiss Like This”
  3. Rasmus Faartoft“Hold My Breath”
  4. Marie Isabell“Dancing with You in My Heart”
  5. Sigmund“Say My Name”
  6. Humørekspressen“Dronning af baren”
  7. Julie & Nina“League of Light”
  8. Teit Samsø“Step It Up”
  9. Leonora“Love Is Forever”
  10. Leeloo“That Vibe”

🇱🇹 Lithuania – Eurovizijos

Show: Eurovizijos Atranka — Final

When: 20:00– 23:00 (CET)

Where to watch: LRT Lituanica, LRT Televizija HD or live from LRT’s official page.

Things are finally concluding in Lithuania too. In one of the most uniquely baffling turn of events, Monika Marija managed to simultaneously withdraw AND move up in the odds to win. Yes, despite qualifying with “Criminal” last week, she has now decided to withdraw the song from the competition and put all her effort towards “Light On”, paying a hefty fine in the process. That fine looks to be worth it though, as Light On continues to gain popularity and could easily win tonight. Hot on her heels is semi-final two winner Jurijus, who has been getting tips from Mowgli to make sure he gets to run with the lions in Tel Aviv. Whether the security there will allow it is another question entirely…

Not much changes in the final actually. The winner will be decided by combining both the jury and the televoting scores. As usual it’s a 50/50 split between both. We don’t know the running order yet, but the full list of competing acts (with links to the semi-final performances) for tonight is as follows:

🇵🇹 Portugal – Festival da Canção

Show: Festival da Canção – Semi-Final 2

When: 22:00– 00:30 (CET)

Where to watch: RTP or their official livestream (alternatively here).

Insomniacs rejoice! Last week gave us a few surprising results so expect nothing less from semi-final two of Festival da Canção. It’s a bit more of an open competition here, without any clear pre-show favourites. That just makes it perfect for any of these acts to surprise the jury and the audience and maybe even become a frontrunner. People are certainly excited to hear Surma live, if only to figure out what her entry might actually sound like without a thousand filters on it. Or if Portugal is in the mood for some reality TV, there’s always NBC!

Four songs will make it through to the final thanks to the combined scores of the public televoters and the jury panel. Typical 50/50 split here. The full list of songs competing tonight in their correct running order (along with links to the studio versions) is written down below:

  1. Lara Laquiz“O lugar”
  2. Dan Riverman“Lava”
  3. Mariana Bragada“Mar doce”
  4. João Couto“O jantar”
  5. Madrepaz“Mundo a mudar”
  6. Surma “Pugna”
  7. Mila Dores“Debaixo do luar”
  8. NBC“Igual a ti”

We are starting to reach the end of the season here so enjoy these shows while you still can! Which show will you be tuning in to? Who do you think will win Vidbir? What about A Dal? Melodi Grand Prix? Eurovizijos? Who will withdraw/be disqualified next week? Get guessing!

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