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CyBC sheds more light on leaked demo of ‘Replay’

The final version is due to be released on March 5

CyBC has released a statement in regards to the recent leak of their entry ‘Replay’, which is due to be released on March 5. Due to the leak, a teaser of the final version of ‘Replay’ was uploaded afterwards.

‘It is unfortunate this was leaked’

As soon as it became apparent that a leak has occurred CyBC has released a statement in regards to the leak. In their statement, CyBC confirms that the demo was recorded during the early discussions between CyBC and Tamta, you can read more about what CyBC has said below:

“With regards to the first demo take of “REPLAY” that allegedly was leaked, we would like to inform you and clarify that it was just that: the very first rough demo recorded in Athens when discussions with Tamta were still at an early stage. It is most unfortunate that this was leaked as it does not reflect the actual song that will be published as planned on March 5th 2019. Stay tuned for the actual REPLAY…”

CyBC on the leak of the ‘Replay’ Demo

Tamta will be representing Cyprus with ‘Replay’ The song will be co-written once again by Alex P, and the staging for Tamta’s entry will be created once again by Sacha Jean Baptiste, both who have worked on ‘Fuego’ last year, which managed to go on to become Cyprus’s best placed entry.

Feedback from Eurovision Fans

Despite the leak not being the final version of ‘Replay’, fans on twitter share their thoughts on the rough cut of Cyprus’s entry:

Some were good:

Some are comparing it to Fuego

Some were just unsure:

Are you excited to hear the final version of ‘Replay’? Do you think they can do one better and win the contest in Tel Aviv? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

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