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Ukraine: MARUV shares details of the contract given by the broadcaster UA:PBC

Cancelling the performances in Russia is not enough

On Saturday evening, MARUV won Vidbir 2019, Ukraine’s national selection for Eurovision 2019. However, the broadcaster UA:PBC addressed that MARUV hasn’t been confirmed as Ukraine’s representative in Tel Aviv, but she would first have to sign a contract with the broadcaster. Tonight MARUV shared details of the contract given to her.

Lots of demands

MARUV starts the post saying that she was asked to represent three other countries but she only wants to perform for Ukraine.

Earlier it was speculated that the contract might ask MARUV to cancel her performances in Russia. In the Facebook post, MARUV says that she is willing to do this. She also says she hasn’t visited the Crimea since 2014 or violated a single law of Ukraine. She is also ready to take on all the costs of participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

This still isn’t enough for the broadcaster. Next to this, according to MARUV, the contract says she is not allowed to do any improvisation on the stage without approval of the broadcaster, she won’t be able to communicate with journalists without the consent of the broadcaster and she has to comply with all requirements and instructions of the broadcaster UA:PBC.

In case of violation to any of these rules, she would have to pay 2 million Ukrainian hryvnias, which makes about 65 thousand euros.

What will UA:PBC give back?

According to MARUV, there’s not much that the broadcaster is willing to give her in return. The contract says that the broadcaster will give MARUV tips of the rules of the competition. It also says that with her or their own expenses, she is allowed to take 10 people with her to the contest.

MARUV says that the broadcaster is not willing to give any financial support, nor assistance in organizing the trip or especially international promotional support. She says she even has to deal with the visa herself.

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Sami Luukela

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