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Ukraine to consider withdrawal from Eurovision 2019, will consult EBU

Earlier today it was announced that Vidbir winner MARUV would not represent the nation in Tel Aviv

After a dramatic couple of days following the final of the Ukrainian selection Vidbir, it now seems that UA:PBC is considering withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The broadcaster is to consult with the EBU and lawyers regarding withdrawal.

A new priority for UA:PBC?

This revelation follows today’s news that MARUV did not sign the agreement put forward by UA:PBC in order for her to be allowed to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv. Initial statements suggested that talks with “the next candidate” would begin on Tuesday morning. However, it now seems that the Ukrainian broadcaster’s priority is to withdraw.

Oleksandra Koltsova, member of the UA:PBC board, has released the following statements as reported by

First, we will consult with the European Broadcasting Union about the politicization of the selection process in Ukraine. How does this affect our participation this year? Then we will talk to lawyers if we want to continue to participate as a broadcaster. Then we will talk to management of the artists. And then we will make a decision.

Oleksandra Koltsova (UA:PBC)

In addition, she states that the only new element of the “winner’s contract” this year was the element of a ban of performances in Russia in the lead-up to the contest.

The artist has published her own interpretation of these conditions… but most of them are just a standard ones from the Eurovision Song Contest rules. In addition, there was a clause on cancellation of tours in the Russian Federation – for the duration of preparations and participation in the contest.

In each selection there were artists who at that time performed in the Russian Federation, none of them reached the final, so we did not apply this clause. There always was a contract, we added this clause after the first semi-final, when there were real chances that we will have such a case, and it will be necessary to interpret this both for our society and outside.

Oleksandra Koltsova (UA:PBC)

No willing replacements?

Rumours circulating on social media this evening indicated that several of the other acts in the Vidbir national final would turn down any approach by UA:PBC for them to take MARUV’s place in Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, the report from ESCKAZ explains that if there was to be a Ukrainian entry in Eurovision 2019, it would be from the national selection line-up.

What do you make of the latest developments in this fast-paced Ukrainian Eurovision saga? Let us know in the comments below.

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