Tel Aviv 2019

Follow Live: Finals of 🇫🇮 UMK, 🇲🇩 O Melodie Pentru Europa, 🇮🇸 Söngvakeppnin, 🇳🇴 Melodi Grand Prix and 🇵🇹 Festival da Canção whilst 🇸🇪 Melodifestivalen has its second chance round

Five entries for Eurovision 2019 will be selected tonight!

Five entries will be selected in the last Super Saturday of the season by Finland, Moldova, Iceland, Norway and Portugal. Plus, the final four entries will be selected in Sweden through the Andra chansen round of Melodifestivalen 2019. You can follow all the national finals live below, helpfully organised by the start time of each broadcast:

19:00 🇫🇮 Finland | Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2019

Finland begins with a pre-show at 19:00 before the main selection begins at 20:00.

Click here for the live stream

20:00 🇸🇪 Sweden | Melodifestivalen 2019 Andra Chansen

Click here for the live stream

20:15 🇲🇩 Moldova | O Melodie Pentru Europa

Click here for the live stream

20:45 🇮🇸 Iceland | Söngvakeppnin 2019

Click here for the live stream

20:55 🇳🇴 Norway | Melodi Grand Prix 2019

Click here for the live stream

22:00 🇵🇹 Portugal | Festival da Canção Semi 1

Click here for the live stream, if it is geoblocked try this

Thanks Portugal, we all wanted to be up until 01:30 CET tonight… we won’t blame you if you fetch a bottle of port to see you through from 19:00 CET to 01:30 CET.

Get in touch with us at @ESCXTRA where we will be live-tweeting throughout tonight’s shows and let us know who you’re backing!

Nathan Waddell

I am the Editor in Chief of ESCXTRA, a huge Melodifestivalen fan and love sports. You can find me singing along to Scandinavian Eurovision entries, listening to the latest chart music on Spotify or watching the football and tennis on two different screens at once.
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