Tel Aviv 2019

A Crown and a Comeback! Nevena Bozovic wins Beovizija 2019 with Kruna

Twelve acts fought their way through two semi finals and had one shot to prove they deserve to ticket to Tel Aviv as the Serbian representative. But there could only be one winner and Nevena Bozovic won over the juries and came third with the viewers at home with Kruna.

The winner was determined through a 50:50 vote split between music experts and the viewers at home.

The panel of jurors included some familiar faces and eminent names on the Balkan music scene: Bojana Stamenov, Riblja Corba, Goca Trzan, Dejan Ivanovic and the head of the panel, Aleksandar Milic – Mili.

The jury votes

Each jury member had to score their ten favorite entries in true Eurovision manner. Kicking this off with 1pt and moving their way up to 8pt, leaving the 10 and 12 for their two favorite acts.

Riblja Corba
Sashka Janx – 8pt
Dzenan Loncarevic – 10pt
Nevena Bozovic – 12pt

Bojana Stamenov
Wonder Strings – 8pt
Nevena Bozovic – 10pt
Sashka Janx – 12pt

Dejan Ivanovic
Sashka Janx – 8pt
Nevena Bozovic – 10pt
Wonder Strings and Ivana Vladovic – 12pt

Goca Trzan
Wonder Strings and Ivana Vladovic – 8pt
Sashka Janx – 10pt
Nevena Bozovic – 12pt

Aleksandar Milic – Mili
Dzenan Loncarevic – 8pt
Sofija Peric – 10pt
Nevena Bozovic – 12pt

The Public vote

Interestingly enough, the public vote came in with a shocking twist. The winners were Natasa and Una with “Samo Bez Straha” which did score quite low with the juries leading a secure victory for Nevena who only managed to come third with viewers at home.

Beovizija 2019 line-up

  1. Saška Janks – “Da li čuješ moj glas”
  2. Majdan – “Budim te”
  3. Sofija Perić – “Aritmija”
  4. Dženan Lončarević – “Nema suza”
  5. Wonder Strings & Ivana Vladović – “Moja bol”
  6. Jana Šušteršić – “Viktorija”
  7. Lord – “Radnički sin”
  8. Nevena Božović – “Kruna”
  9. Ana Popović – “Lutaš”
  10. Ivan Kurtić – “Bela”
  11. Nataša & Una – “Samo bez straha”
  12. Aleksandra Sekulić – “Tugo”

Nevena Bozovic’s Eurovision Vengeance

After failing to qualify as a member of Moje 3 with “Ljubav Je Svuda“, Nevena was a part of the second non qualification for Serbia at Eurovision.

Now she is going to have the chance to showcase her talent by going solo with her entry, Kruna (Crown).

Do you like the Kruna? Will Nevena manage to take Serbia to the grand final in Tel Aviv? Kruna or Ljubav Je Svuda?

Let us know in the comments section below and on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.

Nevena Bozovic performing Kruna live at Beovizija 2019
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