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International Women’s Day gift! Tamara Todevska to reveal her Eurovision entry “Proud” on March 8th!

Girl, they will try to tell you what to do!

Change of plans! The Macedonian National Broadcaster, MRTV, opts for releasing their Eurovision entry “Proud” on March 8th due to the fact that there is nothing more fitting than a women’s empowering anthem on International Women’s Day.

As seen in her recent social media updates, Tamara is working hard and went from endless days at the studio to recording the music video for her entry.

Additionally, we can see some behind the scenes action with the famous makeup artist, Zoran Shurbevski and one of the best music video producers, Cedo Popovski.


The Macedonian Eurovision entry is being written and produced by three authors. Robert Bilbilov, Darko Dimitrov and Lazar Cvetkovski will all sign their name to Tamara’s Eurovision entry this year.

The delegation has been putting all their focus on recording and finalizing the arrangement of “Proud” in the last few weeks. However, Tamara decided to keep us out of the suspense by posting about what the song is all about on her social media.

You can read more regarding what Tamara had to say about Eurovision, bringing her sister Tijana to Tel Aviv and performing as a solo artist this year in a previous article, here.

Tamara Todevska at Eurovision

Despite not being her first shot at representing her country, it is her first attempt as a solo artist.

Being somehwat considered a Eurovision veteran, Tamara has been known to the Eurovision fans as Tose Proevski’s and Tijana’s backing vocalist in 2004 and 2014.

However, her first Eurovision experience in the spotlight is her 2008 entry “Let Me Love You” featuring Vrcak and Adrian Gadzha. Just narrowly missing out on the final despite finishing 10th overall in their semi.

Are you excited about Tamara’s comeback? Do you think she’s break the non qualification streak of the small Balkan country? What do you think of her previous Eurovision entry?

Let us know in the comments section below and on all social media platform at @ESCXTRA.

Tamara Todevska joins the @ESCXTRA stream back in 2014
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